Lucas Carr

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Portrait of Lucas Carr.
Associate Professor
Director of Undergraduate Studies - BS Exercise Science/BS Health Promotion/ BA Health Studies
Health Promotion
Health Studies
Exercise Science
Physical activity promotion, sedentary behaviors, interventions
End Degree:
Ph.D. in Physiology
University of Wyoming
E130 FH
Email: Laboratory:
Behavioral Medicine Laboratory
Lab Location:
Field House E101
Lab Phone:
Lab Website:

Outreach/Service:  Community Health Collaborative
Lab Location:  Field House E137 and E141
Phone: 319-467-0650
Lab Website: 

Courses Taught

  • HHP:3050 Obesity: Causes, Consequences, Prevention, and Treatment
  • HHP:6030 Physical Activity & Dietary Behavior Change
  • HHP:6500 Seminar in Health Promotion

Educational/Research/Service Interests

The mission of my research lab is to identify and test solutions that increase physical activity among at risk populations. The mission of the Community Health Teaching Center is to provide health services to our community while preparing future health leaders. I spend my time advancing both of these agendas with ultimate goal of improving the health and well-being of our community.


For a full list of Dr. Carr’s publications, go to: http://