MS in HHP - Clinical Exercise Physiology

MS in HHP - Clinical Exercise Physiology (without thesis)

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MS in HHP without Thesis – Clinical Exercise Physiology (CEP)

The CEP subtrack within the MS in HHP is designed as a terminal Master’s degree that will prepare students for professional employment by providing a solid academic education and specific skill sets in various areas related to clinical exercise physiology. In addition, internships in areas such as cardiac rehabilitation, pulmonary rehabilitation, diabetes prevention and management, noninvasive cardiovascular testing (e.g., exercise testing, echocardiography, Holter ECG), fitness evaluation, exercise prescription, health maintenance, health risk identification, and health education are an important component of the curriculum. As a terminal degree program, the CEP subtrack will be offered as an MS degree without thesis.

Required Materials and Apply Online  

Prerequisites: Students entering the CEP subtrack within the MS in HHP must hold a BS or BA degree with a minimum GPA of 3.0. Courses in anatomy and physiology with laboratory sections are prerequisites for the CEP subtrack. Typically, this requirement is met by a total of 8 S.H. of anatomy and physiology (3 S.H. lecture and 1 S.H. laboratory component for anatomy and physiology, respectively).

Total SH Requirement: A minimum of 33 S.H. are required.

Required courses: The following courses are required by all students (27 S.H. total).

Core CEP Courses (22 s.h. total)

  • HHP:6030 Physical Activity and Dietary Behavior Change  3 s.h.
  • HHP:6150 Advanced Clinical Exercise Physiology  3 s.h.
  • HHP:6200 Advanced Metabolic Exercise Testing and Prescription 4 s.h.
  • HHP:6260 Advanced Respiratory Pathophysiology  1, 3 s.h.
  • HHP:6410 Advanced Exercise Physiology  3 s.h.
  • HHP:6460 Advanced Cardiovascular Physiology 3 s.h.
  • PCOL:3101 Pharmacology I: A Drug's Fantastic Journey  3 s.h.

Statistics (3 s.h. total)
One introductory course**  such as:

  • BIOS:4120 Introduction to Biostatistics   3 s.h.
  • PSQF:6242 Selected Applications of Statistics  3 s.h.
  • STAT:3510/IGPI:3510 Biostatistics   3 s.h.
  • STAT:4143/PSQF:4143 Introduction to Statistical Methods   3 s.h.
  • **waived if taken as undergraduate (waiver needs approval by Director of Graduate Studies)

Research Methods (2 s.h.)

  • HHP:6020 Research Methods and Ethics  (take 2 s.h. section)

    Internships (3 s.h. total) - [to be taken in year two of the program]

    • HHP:4935 Clinical Exercise Physiology Internship (to be arranged individually)

    Click here to see internship sites

    Elective courses (6 s.h. total)

    • HHP:xxxx Elective (choose from options below) 3 s.h.
    • HHP:xxxx Elective (choose from options below) 3 s.h.

    *Note students may elect to take a 2nd HHP:4935 internship in the Year 2 instead of a 2nd elective.

    Elective Courses: Students select a minimum of two elective courses in consultation with their advisor/mentor. The following is a non-exclusive list of options for elective courses.

    • HHP:3050 Obesity:Causes, Consequences, Prevention, and Treatment 3 s.h.
    • HHP:3440 Physical Activity Interventions 3 s.h.
    • HHP:3450 Immunology in Health and Disease 3 s.h.
    • HHP:4400 Health Promotion Clinical Practicum  Arranged
    • HHP:4405 Health Promotion Community and Worksite Practicum Arranged
    • HHP:4420 Planning and Evaluating Health Interventions 3 s.h. 
    • HHP:5200 Epidemiology of Physical Activity  3 s.h.
    • HHP:6050 Advanced Topics in Obesity. 3 s.h.
    • HHP:6130 Advanced Skeletal Muscle Physiology  3 s.h.
    • HHP:6300 Motor Control Seminar. 1 s.h.
    • HHP:6400 Integrative Physiology seminar 1 s.h.              
    • HHP:6470 Advanced Physiology of Aging  3 s.h.
    • HHP:6500 Seminar in Health Promotion 1 s.h.       
    • HHP:6510 Advanced Energy Metabolism in Health and Disease  3 s.h.
    • HHP:7300 Advanced Neural Control of Posture & Movement  3 s.h.
    • ACB:5203 Gross Human Anatomy for Graduate Students   6 s.h.
    • BIOL:3743 Basic Biology of Human Disease   2 s.h.
    • EPID:4110 Quality Dietary Study Methods   3 s.h.
    • EPID:6350 Nutrition Epidemiology   2 s.h.
    • EPID:6360 Nutrition Intervention in Clinical Trials Research   2 s.h.
    • EPID:6650 Cardiovascular Disease Epidemiology   3 s.h.
    • PCOL:3102 Pharmacology II: Mechanisms of Drug Action  3 s.h.
    • PSY:3010 Health Psychology   3 s.h.
    • PSY:3340 Behavior Modification   3 s.h.
    • PTRS:6224 Activity-Based Neural and Musculoskeletal Plasticity in Health Care
    • PTRS:7812 Biomedical Instrumentation and Measurement 3 s.h.
    • PTRS:7875 Analysis of Activity Based Plasticity  3 s.h.

    Graduate Student Handbook

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