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Theresa Morano
Clinical Exercise Physiology M.S.

I graduated from the University of Iowa with a Clinical Exercise Physiology master’s degree in May 2015. Currently, I am working in the Office of Rural Health Resource Center at the Iowa City VA, as part of the Home-Based Cardiac Rehabilitation Promising Practices study. My role at the VA is to work with patients that have recently experienced heart related issues, helping them to make heart healthy lifestyle changes. Discussion topics during these sessions are tailored to each individual and range from exercise and nutrition to heart disease and medications.

Every single one of the core classes in this program contributed to my ability to positively affect the lives of my patients. To list a couple examples, my Cardiovascular class allowed me to understand the heart’s functionality in both its healthy and diseased state, whereas my Metabolic Exercise Physiology class enabled me to understand the intricate nature of exercise prescription. The most integral part of the program was the internship. This brought together everything that I had learned in theory and gave me the opportunity to gain practical application skills. My instructors, mentors, and peers were always available in my pursuit of knowledge and were wonderful resources whenever I sought them out for help.

Photo by Amanda Monday