Maggie Baker

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Maggie Baker
Health and Human Physiology (Health Studies) BA
Spring 2019

I first entered the Health and Human Physiology Health Studies Track because the required coursework matched well with the pre-requisites for Medical School. What I have gained from this program in the past 3 years has been so much more. Coming from a small Iowa town, I wasn’t sure what to expect from such a large school. The Health and Human Physiology department staff have been very welcoming and have worked hard to make sure students have learning opportunities tailored to their interests. Classes focus on many aspects of health from an individual physiological level to improving community health in large urban areas. I was able to use assigned research papers and projects to explore my interest in rural healthcare; being interesting in the subject of your classwork makes it feel much less like work and much more like exploring your future.

Professors and advisors in the program are willing to help with external classwork as well. My advisor helped me connect with an HHP professor for collaboration on an entrepreneurship project. Partnering up on that project helped me find an honors research position in the behavioral medicine laboratory researching another topic I am interested in – activity breaks in the classroom setting. 

The HHP classes are interesting, engaging, and small enough to allow for interactions with other students and professors. I have made lifelong friends and connected with great mentors and this department has thoroughly prepared me for medical school and eventually fulfilling my goal of being a rural physician.