David Mares

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David Mares
BA in Health & Human Physiology (Health Studies track)

I currently work as a health aide/translator for Proteus. I work alongside my colleagues to provide agricultural workers and their families with affordable health care and educational assistance. Beyond my summer position, I intend to take a gap year in order to prepare for my future in attending graduate school and further discover what I want to specialize in. In other words, my future has yet to be written!

The HHP curricula have acted as a catalyst for my educational growth and allowed me to gain a better understanding of the dynamics within the medical/health field. I have since gained a better understanding of the numerous factors that influence an individual's health and the numerous modes of interventions to improve health outcomes for multiple populations. In addition, the HHP curricula allowed me to view the medical/health field through a lens that encouraged me to consider the different cultural norms and lifestyles that many individuals live by, further improving my competency to be able to work with several populations.

My advice for current students would be to never be discouraged from exploring any courses or areas that interest them. It is important to remember that as an undergraduate, it is completely acceptable to explore areas that you may be unfamiliar with or are interested in. Additionally, I believe it is very important to establish relationships with classmates, instructors, and TAs as these individuals will provide immense support in not only academic success but success in discovering your future passion.