Anna Aldridge

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Anna Aldridge
M.S. in Health & Human Physiology

I am employed by a company called Work-Fit, Agility Health. We are contracted by the Boeing Company to provide Athletic Training services to the employees of Boeing. I currently work in Everett, Washington at the Everett Delivery Center, at which the final assembly of 747, 767, 777, and 787 planes are prepared for flight and delivery to various customers.

My role has been focused on providing assistance for all employees to prevent or reduce any sort of discomfort associated with a strain, sprain, or inflammation. Because the population we work with is primarily overweight individuals with a wide-variety of ailing issues, such as hypertension, hyperlipidemia, Type II Diabetes, etc., my employers have expressed, upon hiring me, is that I educate the other 35 Athletic Trainers on this site on how to approach and further help/educate individuals with these issues and impact their life in a greater manner than just alleviating the discomfort related to a strain, sprain, or inflammation.

I have been developing a handout for employees that provide an education on physical activity and the benefits that accompany that activity. Without the CEP program and my internship with Pulmonary Rehabilitation, I would not fully understand the scope of those benefits, especially knowing the detail of how physical activity affects the human physiology. My goal is to not only provide education to my coworkers as well as the employees, but also make a physical impact on the population.

This position is absolutely perfect, as I am able to perform Athletic Training services, as well as utilize my Master's and help people in a more meaningful way.