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Minor in Gender, Health, and Health Care Equity

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Healthcare evolves continually and capable professionals will be in high demand. In order to meet the national and international challenges posed by a rapidly changing field, people must be knowledgeable, able to innovate, and willing to learn. Upon completion of this minor, students will possess the knowledge and skills necessary to think critically about the complex intersections of gender, race, sexuality, and class in relation to health, illness, and health care. 

Students earning a gender, women's, and sexuality studies (GWSS) major also may earn the minor; however, no more than 3 s.h. of work in GWSS courses can be counted toward the minor. The undergraduate minor in gender, health, and healthcare equity requires 15 s.h. in course work, including at least 12 s.h. completed at the University of Iowa. Students must maintain a g.p.a. of at least 2.00 in all courses for the minor and in all UI courses for the minor. Course work for the minor may not be taken pass/nonpass.

The minor in gender, health, and healthcare equity requires the following course work.

Category Semester Hours
Core Courses 6
Health Equity courses 9-10
Total hours: 15-16

Core Courses

This course:

  • GWSS:1001   Introduction to Gender, Women's, and Sexuality Studies

And one of these:

  • GWSS:1002 Diversity and Power in the U.S.
  • SJUS:1001   Introduction to Social Justice

Health Equity Courses

Three of these:

GWSS:2080/GHS:2080 The Cultural Politics of HIV-AIDS
GWSS:2400/CPH:2240/LATS:2400 Health Disparities and Intersectionality with U.S. Latina/o Peoples
GWSS:2650 Global Reproduction
GWSS:2700 Transgender People, Politics, and Cultures
GWSS:2800 African American Women, Health, Hair, and Sexuality
GWSS:3005 Gender, Women's, and Sexuality Studies Practicum (when the topic is end of life, hospice, and palliative care)
GWSS:3010/GHS:3015 Transnational Sexualities
GWSS:3177/NURS:3739 Women and Their Bodies in Health and Illness
GWSS:3326/GHS:3327 The Politics of Progress: NGOs, Development, and Sexuality
GWSS:4140/ANTH:4140/CBH:4140/GHS:4140 Feminist Activism and Global Health
CPH:1400 Fundamentals of Public Health
CPH:3400/GEOG:3210 Health, Work, and the Environment
ENGL:2560 Topics in Culture and Identity (when topic is Stories about HIV/AIDS)
GHS:3036 Ethics, Politics, and Global Health
GHS:3070/GEOG:3070 Hungry Planet: Global Geographies of Food
GHS:3110/ANTH:3110/NAIS:3110 Health of Indigenous Peoples
GHS:3720 Contemporary Issues in Global Health
GHS:4600 Global Health and Human Rights
HIST:3508 Health in Latin America
HIST:3755 Understanding Health and Disease in Africa