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Undergraduate Advisor: Professor Mary Ann Rasmussen, Contact: maryann-rasmussen@uiowa.edu

Gender, Women's and Sexuality Studies (GWSS) is a growing interdisciplinary field that brings the perspective of gender, along with a consideration of class, race, ethnicity, nationality, sexuality, and physical ability to bear on a host of intellectual problems and issues of current concern. GWSS questions taken-for-granted ideas about both women and men, and encourages critical thinking across the disciplines, with particular reference to women's contributions to art, history, politics, family life, science, literature, and other cultural domains. Students investigate challenges women face all over the world in areas such as the environment, culture and the media, health, violence, and the economy, and consider the implications of these studies for devising solutions to pressing problems both at home and abroad. Classes are usually small and encourage discussion. Writing, research, and communication skills that are necessary for students' careers are emphasized. The Gender, Women's and Sexuality Studies Department includes 8 core faculty and 55 affiliated faculty. We provide opportunities for students to work with women's organizations and on women's issues across the campus. Each year we bring an exciting array of scholars to campus to present their work through workshops, seminars and conferences.

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