Sexuality Studies Courses

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Current course listings

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Associated Courses and Electives

Other courses may be approved for use in earning the certificate. Students should consult the program director about courses not on the list. For additional information on any of the departments click on the links below.

American Studies

045:060/008:050/154:060/131:061 Sex & Popular Culture in the Postwar U.S., 3 s.h.


113:127 South Asian Sexual Cultures, 3 s.h.
113:140 Politics of Reproduction, 3 s.h.

Art and Art History

01H:199 Topics in Art History, 3 s.h.


154:121/131:152,(20E:150 Gender and Sexuality in the Ancient World, 3 s.h.

Communication Studies

036:075 Gender, Sexuality, and the Media, 3 s.h.
036:095 Queer Rhetorics, 3 s.h.


07C:130 Human Sexuality, 3 s.h.


08G:011 Literature and Sexualities, 3 s.h.
008:050 Sex & Popular Culture in Postwar U.S., 3 s.h.
008:179 Literature and Society, 3 s.h. (when content is appropriate)

French and Italian

009:148 Gender and Sexuality in French Cinema, 3 s.h.

Health, Leisure, and Sport Studies

028:176 Women, Sport, and Culture, 3 s.h.


16A:154 Sexuality in the United States, 3 s.h.
16A:184 Black Global Metropolis: Sexual History, 3 s.h.

Literature, Science, and the Arts

033:030 Cultural Diversity and Identity, 3 s.h.


096:112/042:112 Human Sexuality, Diversity and Society, 3 s.h.

Religious Studies

032:052 Women in Islam and the Middle East, 3 s.h.
032:071 Sexual Ethics, 3 s.h.

Social Work

042:112/096:112 Human Sexuality, Diversity and Society, 3 s.h.
042:199 Selected Aspects of Social Work and Social Welfare, arr.(when topic is social work practice with gays, lesbians, bisexuals)


034:161 The American Family, 3 s.h.
034:135/154:145 Sociology of Sexuality, 3 s.h.


035:193 Sexualities in Hispanic Cultures, 3 s.h.

Theatre Arts

049:118 American Women Playwrights: 19th and 20th Century, 3 s.h.