Cross-listing a course with GWSS

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If you would like to cross-list a course with the Department of Gender, Women’s and Sexuality Studies, please make a formal request to the department. We often cross-list courses in which women, gender, sexuality and social justice are significant and integrated throughout the syllabus, course materials, and assignments. The GWSS curriculum committee considers (on an ad-hoc basis) requests for cross-listing of courses at the graduate or undergraduate level. 

  1. All requests must include a document approximately one page in length that includes the following:
  2. the complete number and title of course, its administrative home and any existing cross-listing numbers,
  3. the frequency with which the course is taught
  4. the next semester when it will be offered,
  5. the name(s) of course instructors
  6. whether the course satisfies a GE requirement.
  7. One paragraph that responds to the questions below
    a) How do you see this course enhancing the BA in GWSS, the BA in Social Justice, or the Graduate Certificate in GWSS?
    b) How would this course complement and/or overlap with existing courses?
    c) How might the course address the learning goals of the most relevant degree program, as outlined in the General Catalog.

In addition, please also provide a copy of the most recent syllabus. If the course is new and no complete syllabus exists, a document that includes a draft course description, types of assignments, and a list of key authors/texts/course materials may be submitted in lieu of the syllabus.

Please send these documents to Lindsay Vella at