Recent Research and Grant Awards

The University of Iowa College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is a powerhouse of research, discovery, and creativity. That is reflected in the grants our faculty receive as they work to advance scholarship in their areas of study.

Help congratulate the following faculty, staff, and students on their recent research grant awards. 

May 2023

Keri HoadleyPhysics and Astronomy, University of Arizona (Prime: NASA), $76,232 (supplement)

Conner Kaminski, Communication Sciences and Disorders, Vanderbilt University (Prime: NIH) $7,329

Emily Lemmon, Philosophy, Philosophy Learning and Teaching Organization, $250

Emily Lemmon, Philosophy, American Philosophical Association, $1,200 

Jane NachtmanPhysics and Astronomy, University of California (Prime: U.S. Department of Energy), $71,157

Sriram Pemmaraju, Computer Science, Emory University (Prime: CDC), $150,366

Naomi Rodgers, Communication Sciences and Disorders, University of Montana (Prime: National Stuttering Association), $10,646

April 2023

Casey DeRooPhysics and Astronomy, Washington University (Prime: NASA), $271,602

Dorit KliemannPsychological and Brain Sciences, Indiana University (Prime: NIH), $130,558

Molly NikolasPsychological and Brain Sciences, Oregon Health & Science University (Prime: NIH), $54,352

Yasar OnelPhysics and Astronomy, University of Notre Dame (Prime: NSF), $19,200

Asif Rahman, Geographical and Sustainability Sciences, Iowa State University (Prime: U.S. Geological Survey), $3,503

Ethan Rogers, Sociology, City of Iowa City, $67,939

Michelle VossPsychological and Brain Sciences, Posit Science (Prime: NIH), $622,282

Kara WhitakerHealth and Human Physiology, NIH R01, $3,261,303

March 2023

Josep Comeron, Biology, Roy J. Carver Trust, $355,779

Anny Curtius, French and Italian, FACE Foundation, $8,000

Thomas FollandPhysics and Astronomy, NSF CAREER, $604,691

Gregory Landini, Philosophy, Western Kentucky University (Prime: National Endowment for the Humanities), $142,178

Bob McMurrayPsychological and Brain Sciences, Dreams Quest Holdings Ltd, $73,304 

Jolene Pickett, Physics and Astronomy, NASA, $62,099

Mary Hall RenoPhysics and Astronomy, University of Chicago (Prime: NASA), $70,751

February 2023

Ned Bowden, Chemistry, Harvest Increase Agriculture, LLC, $5,166

Scott Daly, Chemistry, Triad National Security, LLC, $129,815 

John GoreePhysics and Astronomy, NASA, $145,000

Jasper HalekasPhysics and Astronomy, University of New Hampshire (Prime: NASA), $24,975

Jasper HalekasPhysics and Astronomy, Johns Hopkins University (Prime: NASA), $18,336

Keri HoadleyPhysics and Astronomy, California Inst. of Technology (Prime: NASA), $644,229

John PrineasPhysics and Astronomy, Sivanathan Laboratories, $21,146

John PrineasPhysics and Astronomy, Sivanathan Laboratories (Prime: U.S. Department of Energy), $50,000

Victoria Priola, Anthropology, Archeological Institute of America, $4,400

Mark Reagan, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Columbia University (Prime: NSF), $53,769 

Jason RadleyPsychological and Brain Sciences, NIH R01, $3,284,593

Louise Seamster, Sociology, University of Illinois (Prime: Mellon Foundation), $149,707

Cesare Tinelli, Computer Science, GE Global (Prime: U.S. Department of Defense), $26,053



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