TA Evaluations and Observations

CLAS TA Teaching Observation Framework (PDF Fillable Form Version)
This document provides a framework for providing TAs with formative feedback on teaching via observations; it is a mentoring and reflective tool, not an evaluative tool. The goals are (1) to ensure TAs have adequate support in completing their teaching assignments, (2) to provide coaching and a space for reflective dialogue about teaching, and (3) to set growth goals for teaching.
Formative Teaching Observation Guide
This document is a companion to the CLAS TA Teaching Observation Framework and provides additional guidance on best practices for conducting teaching observations, again with the goal of supporting mentoring and reflection.
CLAS TA Evaluation (PDF Fillable Form Version)
This document is designed to assist departments with evaluating teaching assistants’ performance in accordance with the contractual agreement outlined in the TA offer letter. The schedule and prompts in this document provide TAs and their supervisors space to promote success for teaching assistantships based on their contract. The college encourages TAs and their supervisors to also use the Teaching Assistant Teaching Observation Framework to assist TAs with growing as instructors. This evaluation document focuses solely on contractual requirements whereas the observation framework is a reflective process and is not intended to be used for evaluating a TA’s performance.