CLAS Web Resources

General Responsibilities of the CLAS DGS

CLAS Graduate and Postdoc Contacts for FAQs

CLAS Student Mental Health Handout

Graduate Recruitment and Appointments

  • Templates for contracts (scroll to bottom of page)

  • Screen Language Skills of Non-Native Speakers of English Nominated for Teaching Assistantships

  • Make Requests for Permission to Teach a Course at 3000 Level or Above to Dean Getz

  • Make Requests for GA Overloads to Deans Campo and Getz

  • Organize and Deliver Departmental GA Orientation Annually

  • Oversee Evaluation of TAs

CLAS TA Evaluation (optional resource for departmental use)


Graduate Program Supervision

  • Promote Teaching Excellence

  • Lead in advising and mentoring

CLAS TA Teaching Observation Framework (optional resource for departmental use)

Formative Teaching Observation Guide (optional resource for departmental use)

  • Promote a Diverse and Inclusive Atmosphere

  • Attend DGS Meetings at the Graduate College

  • Circulate Information on Graduate Funding and Professional Development Opportunities (publicized through DGS Digest, CLAS DEO Mailings, DSP Grant Bulletin)

  • Oversee Departmental Ranking and Submission of Applications for Internal Funding Opportunities through the Graduate College and CLAS (see links to internal funding opportunities below for award guidelines)
  • Supervise Requests for Temporary Graduate Faculty Membership, Thesis Extensions, Certificate Completion, Courses on the Plan of Study Older than 10 years, etc.
  • Respond to Student and Faculty Inquiries about Graduate College Policies and Make Appropriate Referrals to Graduate College
  • Provide Departmental Support to DEO on Miscellaneous Graduate Student Matters


Funding Opportunities

  • Internal

  • External