Service Learning

Global Health studies major in service learning course in Xicotepec, Mexico

A Global Health Studies major while participating in the spring service learning course in Xicotepec, Mexico

Service-learning combines service objectives with learning objectives.
Students in service-learning courses apply the lessons of the classroom
to real life service and use real life service experiences to build upon the lessons of the classroom.

For more information see the UI Pomerantz Career Center's Volunteer & Service Learning Opportunities website,
and the UI Center for Leadership, Service, and Civic Engagement's website.



GHS:4000 Global Health Studies Service Learning (3 - 4 sh)
Practicing Global Health Locally -- Addressing the Social Determinants of Health

Pairs students with local community organizations, allowing them to work on local projects which provide global health insights.
Shelter Houselocal foods connection  CWJICFMCIC  MYEP   



GHS:4126 International Perspectives: Xicotepec (3 sh)
Fall semester application process for spring semester enrollment on MyUI.
 Provides cultural and professional preparation for team service projects in Xicotepec, Mexico over spring break in collaboration with Rotary International.


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