GHS:4001 Social Entrepreneurship & Global Health

Power point slide in GHS:4001

 Student power point in GHS:4001 which summarizes the recycling program project that
UI students collaborated on with Community Health Initiative, Haiti

GHS:4001 Social Entrepreneurship and Global Health:
Student Teams Supporting Community Development

Approved as a Capstone course for the Global Health Studies B.A.,
as a Perspectives and Practices course for both the GHS B.A. and B.S., 
as an elective for the GHS certificate, and as an upper-level course for the GHS minor 

This course combines meaningful community service with instruction and reflection on civic responsibility so as to strengthen our local, regional and global communities. Social good entrepreneurship is an activity of businesses or organizations around the world whose main purpose or outcome is to have a positive impact on individuals and society. 

The first half of the semester will include consideration of some of the ethical questions which are raised by international community development work. During the second half of the semester students work on team projects designed to help a local global health nonprofit organization. Past projects completed in collaboration with Community Health Intiative (CHI), Haiti included:

CHI recycling staff in Haiti
                CHI recylcilng project staff in Haiti

          *Digital Presence of CHI Haiti (website and social media)

          *CHI Haiti Trip Communication Dossier (info for volunteers before they travel to Haiti)

          *Educational Materials for CHI Haiti Initiatives (culturally appropriate health info materials on clean water, maternal and infant health, recycling etc.)

          *Plastic Recycling Program (market exploration)