GHS:4000 Global Health Service Learning

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GHS:4000 Global Health Studies Service Learning:
Local Health is Global Health

Approved as a Capstone course for the Global Health Studies B.A.,
as a Perspectives and Practices course for both the GHS B.A. and B.S., 
as an elective for the GHS certificate, and as an upper-level course for the GHS minor 

During weekly classroom meeting times, students explore and discuss readings describing the Social Determinants of Health as experienced around the planet.  From the third week until semester end, students are assigned to work within and report on local service agencies to gain firsthand understanding of the health implications of selected social situations.  Students will work a minimum of nine hours a week with their local service agency; time will be allotted during weekly classroom meetings to discuss students’ responses to their service providers.  Keeping the global picture in mind, emphasis throughout will be on evaluating the adequacy of the agencies tackling the challenges which a variety of Iowa populations suffer as a result of the local manifestations of the social determinants of health. Possible local service agencies include Local Foods Connection, Table to Table, Mayor's Youth Empowerment Program,  Housing Fellowship, Center for Worker Justice, and the Village Community.