GHS:3030 Global Health Today (formerly GH Conf)

students at fall 2018 GH conference

GHS:3030 Global Health Today:
Global Health Activities Attendance + a 2-day Mini-Conference

During this 1 s.h. course (which will be offered in spring 2020, and then every third semester), students will discover what is happening TODAY in global health, through local events and presentations, media, news and readings. Students will be exposed to a variety of issues, perspectives, and real-life scenarios through required Global Health Activities Attendance, in-class discussions and guest presenters. Students will choose their own activities from the Global Health Today Approved Activities List (6 required).

Course requirements include (see MyUI for spring 2020 info):

  • Attendance at one orientation session, from either course section (5%)
  • Completion of 6 global health activities prior to classroom sessions; must be chosen from approved list (20%)
  • Attendance at the two mandatory classroom sessions = 2-day mini conference (40%)
  • Submission of course paper, due a week after last classroom session (35%)


Example “Global Health Today Approved Activities List”
The activities listed will NOT be available for Spring 2020.
An updated list will be provided prior to start of class, during orientation.



  • Author and Activist Raj Patel: Hunger, Inequality and Climate Change
  • “No Room for Maria at the Inn”: Race, Nation, and the Restriction of Maternity Care in El Paso, Texas, 1922-42 
  • United Nations Day with Iowa UNA Executive Director Debra DeLaet / The United Nations and Human Rights 
    Iowa City Foreign Relations Council 
  • Cup o' Justice: Activism from a Place of Strength / Laure Haag


BOOKS: authors, discussions

  • “We, The Interwoven” panel discussion with Iowa Writer’s House and Lauren Markham, author of Faraway Brothers.



  • El Norte film screening with panel discussion, 5 p.m. at FilmScene
  • Eco Documentary Screening: Breath of Life   Iowa City Public Library



American Journal of Public Health Podcast.  MAY 2019  (30:17)