Public Presentation and Written Report

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Public Presentation and Written Report

In the semester immediately following the completion of the Global Health Project, and as a culmination to the certificate program, all students will present their project results to GHS: 3010 Identifying and Developing a Global Health Project, or to a meeting of the University of Iowa Global Health Club, or to an equivalent public forum. Students must also submit a written report which summarizes their project.

  • Students will be contacted by the GHS academic advisor in order to schedule their presentation at an approved venue.  
  • Prior to the public presentation the student must email (as an attachment) a written project report (and photo appendix) which follows the guidelines set forth below to

Written Project Report

Length – 10-12 pages (double spaced)

Title (concise but specific)

Abstract- a synopsis of the total paper (one paragraph)

Introduction and Background
Short account of where you went and for what purpose, including your topic or central research questions, and your University of Iowa faculty mentor.

Methods or Procedures
Short account of how you got there, how you were funded, who your contacts were. Include a chronological account of the significant steps that you took to advance your project.  Describe methods used to collect information on your topic and to analyze your findings.

Findings and Discussion
Short statement of what you accomplished, including information or data collected and major observations/ findings. Discuss the importance of what you found and personal lessons learned (with reflection on both successes and challenges). Also indicate where your results might be novel or different from other published work on the topic.

Future Plans
Where did this experience point you, how did it connect with your other degree and certificate work. Will there be follow-up?

As appropriate, support your narrative by citing publications in your report using a standard format.

Visual documentation (such as graphs, charts, maps and photos) add strength to the body of your report. Additionally, a minimum of ten photos (with captions) which document your project experience must be submitted as an appendix to the report.  Ethical guidelines should be adhered to when creating visual representations; photos may be used for promotional purposes by the UI Global Health Studies Program.

Public Presentation

Length – 15-20 minutes (with additional time for questions)

Format – Cover all of the elements required for the written report (and do remember that your audience may not be familiar with your project).  Photos and other visual data increase the impact of your presentation.