Global Health Project Preapproval and Proposal Form

Printable Global Health Project Preapproval Form and Proposal Instructions are here
(and reproduced below)




Attach a Global Health Project Proposal (see instructions below) to this completed Preapproval Form then submit both to the Global Health Studies Program. Global Health Project Proposals must be approved by the Global Health Studies Program before students begin their projects.

Deadline for spring projects is November 1; for summer/fall projects it is March 15.


          Student Name________________________________ Student ID number_________________

          UI E-mail____________________________ Non UI Email _____________________________

          Major/degree program (ex: BS Anthropology; MS Epidemiology) ______________________

          Local address ___________________________________________________________________

          Home address (if different) _______________________________________________________

          Phone number __________________________________________________________________

          If academic credit will be earned, course number, title, and s.h. _________________________


         Faculty Supervisor Name________________________________________________________

         Faculty Supervisor E-mail_______________________________________________________


Human Subjects in Research:  Any Global Health Project which involves "human subjects" must be reviewed by the Institutional Review Board (IRB) prior to the initiation of the project.  Students should complete an online IRB determination form at: Proof of the determination/ review process must also be submitted to the Global Health Studies Program. Contact the IRB at 319/335-6465 or


            My research project is subject to IRB approval (please check one):

                                    ____ Yes

                                    ____ No         


Faculty Approval:  I agree to serve as faculty supervisor of this project, have approved the attached project proposal, and the student and I have agreed on the expectations and grading criteria for this project. Furthermore, I am permitted, under my home department’s guidelines, to supervise independent projects.

Faculty signature:________________________________________  Date:_______________

Student StatementI have reviewed all policies and procedures for the Global Health Project which is required for the Global Health Studies certificate, have talked with my faculty supervisor about expectations and grading criteria for this project, and understand all requirements and deadlines.

Student Signature_________________________________________ Date: _______________




          Location where you will complete your Global Health Project: __________________________________________________

          Dates during which you will be engaged in your project: _______________________________________________________________

          Total semester hours you will have completed for your GHS certificate before embarking on your project

          GHSP core courses you will have completed before embarking on your project:


Please list all funding for which you will be applying and report the status of applications/expected notification dates (use other side, or attach another sheet if needed):





Students who are completing the Global Health Studies certificate must complete an approved Global Health Project during which they address an important global health issue in a systematic way. This can be done either in an international setting or in a domestic setting which focuses on global connections. Eight weeks is considered the optimal amount of time to meet this requirement. The Global Health Project may be completed as part of a study abroad program, a service learning course, an internship, a volunteer experience, or an independent research project. Importantly, the Global Health Studies Program supports student involvement in experiential learning only if it is conducted through reputable organizations which uphold ethical and health standards for both students and local populations worldwide. See the GHSP website for info on possible funding. Projects require GHSP steering committee approval and supervision by a faculty member.

  • Students must submit a completed Preapproval form with an attached Project Proposal before starting the project.
  • Students may register for GHS:4990 Independent Project in Global Health to earn semester hours towards the certificate program for their Global Health Project.
  • A maximum of 3 s.h.of academic credit for the Global Health Project, whether in the form of independent study, study abroad, or internship credit, may be applied toward the required electives for the GHS certificate.
  • Students must register international travel through approved University of Iowa channels; contact UI International Programs for details.
  • In the semester immediately following the completion of the project, students must submit a formal written report to the GHS Program and present on their project in a public forum.

 GHS:3010 Identifying/ Developing a Global Health Project assists students in developing and writing the required proposal for the Global Health Project (and obtaining financial support when possible). Students are strongly advised to take this course before they begin their projects (it is offered only in the fall semester).

Students must attach a Global Health Project Proposal to the Preapproval form. The proposal must be typed and must include:

Project summaryIn clear and understandable terms, explain what you are proposing to do (i.e., research; study abroad; service learning; internship; volunteering). What is the central topic of your experience, or what is your central research question?  What do you hope to find out?

Background and PurposeWhy is your topic or research question important?  Have other scholars written about your topic?  How will your approach lead to new insights?

Faculty Mentor—Who is your faculty mentor, and why are they a good fit for your project/ research?

MethodologyWhat steps will you take to obtain information about your topic, or to answer your central question? 

Location—Where will you be located?  Why have you chosen this particular international or domestic site?

TimelineWhen will you start?  What is your timeline for completing particular phases of your project or research?  When will you be finished?

ResourcesWho are your contacts locally or internationally?  What resources are available to you?

Reading listWhat texts are central to your topic?  What are you going to read in advance?  While at  your site?

CommunicationHow will you communicate with your faculty mentor while you are engaged in your project?  How frequently will you communicate?

Human subjects -- Proof that an application has been submitted to the Human Subjects Office (Institutional Review Board) if necessary (see Preapproval form)