B.A. in Global Health Studies

GHS student studies abroad in Latin America

A Global Health Studies B.A. student while studying community health programs in Argentina and Uruguay

The B.A. in Global Health Studies (GHS)
requires the following course work (37 s.h.)


The B.A. In Global Health Studies requires a minimum of 120 s.h., including at least 37 s.h. of course work for the major.  Students also must complete the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences CLAS Core general education requirements.

Click here for the pre-2020 GHS BA requirements.

Students must maintain a g.p.a. of at least 2.00 in all courses for the major and in all UI courses for the major. A minimum of 18 s.h. of major course work must be earned at the University of Iowa. A total of 9 s.h. may be double-counted from other majors, minors, or certificates toward the major.

A maximum of 6 s.h. of GHS:4990 Independent Project in GH credit may be used in the GHS B.A.

Students who earn the major in Global Health Studies may not earn the GHS certificate or the minor; they may earn the major in International Studies or Interdepartmental Studies/ Health Science as long as they select a track other than the Global Health Studies track. 


Foundation Courses (10 s.h.)

GHS:2000 Introduction to Global Health Studies 3
GHS:3030 Global Health Today -or-GHS:3034 Doing Harm Doing Good -or-GHS:3035 Engaging in Global Health 1
GHS:3720 Contemporary Issues in Global Health 3
GHS:3850 Promoting Health Globally 3


Global Health Perspectives and Practices Courses (18 s.h.)

To provide an appreciation of the interdisciplinary nature of Global Health Studies, students choose from a wide range of courses on topics which reflect the breadth of the field. Students choose a minimum of 18 s.h., with at least 12 s.h. numbered 3000 or above, from the list of Courses Approved for the Global Health Studies Program.  A minimum of 6 s.h. of the required 18 s.h. must be selected from the list below.  Only courses which are not used to satisfy other requirements within  the B.A. (Foundation, World Language and Culture, or Capstone) may be used toward the 18 s.h. required here.

A minimum of 6 s.h. of the 18 s.h. must be selected from the following:

GHS:1100 Contraception Across Time and Cultures 3
GHS:1200 Disabilities in Global Writing & Film 3
GHS:3015 Transnational Sexualities 3
GHS:3036 Ethics, Politics and Global Health 3
GHS:3120 Global Maternal and Child Health 3
GHS:3131 Models of Health Care Delivery in Russia 3
GHS:3170 Visualizing Global Health Through Popular Fiction and Film 3
GHS:3230 Health Experience of Immigrants, Migrants and Refugees (formerly GHS:4230) 3
GHS:3325 Global Epidemics 3
GHS:3560  Global Garbage and Global Health 3


World Language and Culture Courses (6 s.h.)

Students must choose option A or B below. Semester hours necessary to complete this requirement will vary.

Option A: Students may complete a minimum of two world language courses beyond that required by the CLAS Core general education program. This additional language requirement may be met either by completing two, fifth-semester-level courses in the same language used to fulfill the CLAS Core World Languages requirement, or by completing two courses (or the equivalent) of a second world language at any level. 

Option B: Students may complete 6 s.h. related to one of the following area studies: African studies, Caribbean studies, East Asian studies, Islamic and Middle Eastern studies, Latin American studies, Russian, East European, and Eurasian studies, or South Asian studies. See the International Studies Course Database web page for approved courses each semester.


Capstone Experience (3 s.h.)

The capstone experience requirement provides an opportunity for students to apply the knowledge and skills they learned in the classroom. Students choose a minimum of 3 s.h. from the following.

GHS:3010 Identifying and Developing a Global Health Project 3
GHS:3012 Community-Based Global Health Research 3
GHS:4000 Global Health Studies Service Learning: Local Health is Global Health 4
GHS:4001 Social Entrepreneurship and Global Health: Student Team Projects with Community Health Initiative, Haiti 3
GHS:4002 Working in Global Health 3
GHS:4003 Case Studies in Global Health Inequities:  Advocacy and Assessment in Humanitarian Crises 3


Honors B.A. in Global Health Studies (total 40 s.h.)

Students completing the B.A. in Global Health Studies have the opportunity
to graduate with honors in the GHS major.