Minor in Environmental Policy & Planning (EPPL)

The EPPL minor aims to put together a group of courses that already exist, and are being taught in the EPPL curriculum, to comprise a foundation for understanding the human dimensions of environmental problems. This minor will provide a recognizable, meaningful label to a concentration of courses that students could assemble.

This minor differs from some others in it requires a broad foundation, more total semester hours, and the number of courses that can count toward the minor and a major or other minor are limited. It consists of:

  1. a core of courses in all three disciplines
  2. a concentration of courses from one of the two tracks of the major (Policy or Planning)

Note: Only 6 s.h. can count toward both the minor in EPPL and any major or other minor.

Course Requirements


This course is required:

GEOG 1070 (044:019) Contemporary Environmental Issues 3

One of these:

ANTH 2261 Human Impacts on the Environment 3
ANTH 3103 Environment and Culture 3
GEOG 3300 Envisioning Future Worlds: Sustainable Development and Its Alternatives 3
NAIS:1290 Native American Foods and Foodways 3

One of these:

POLI 1400 Introduction to Comparative Politics 3 s.h.
POLI 3111American Public Policy 3 s.h.

Students also complete course work in a single track, choosing three courses from either the planning track list or the policy track list below.

Planning track:

GEOG 2410 (044:104) Environment and Development 3 s.h.
GEOG 2930 (044:111) Water Resources 3 s.h.
GEOG 3340 (044:179) Ecosystem Services: Human Dependence on Natural Systems 3 s.h.
GEOG 3350 (044:116) Urban Ecology 3 s.h.
GEOG 3400 (044:117) Iowa Environmental Policy in Practice 3 s.h.
GEOG 3760 (044:175) Hazards and Society 3 s.h.
GEOG 4770 (044:177) Environmental Justice 3 s.h.
URP 3001 (102:101)/GEOG 3920 (044:136) Planning Livable Cities 3 s.h.
URP 3134 (102:134)/ECON:3640 (06E:135) Regional and Urban Economics 3 s.h.
URP 3135 (102:135)/ECON:3625 (06E:133) Environmental and Natural Resource Economics 3 s.h.
URP 3350 (102:133)/ECON:3750 (06E:145)/GEOG 3940 (044:133) Transportation Economics 3 s.h.

Policy track:

ANTH 3237 (113:124)/MUSM:3237 (024:124) Politics of the Archeological Past 3 s.h.
ANTH 3240 (113:170) Cultural Resources Management Archaeology: Practice and Practicalities 3 s.h.
GEOG 3400 (044:117) Iowa Environmental Policy in Practice 3 s.h.
GEOG 3760 (044:175)/GHS:3760 (152:180) Hazards and Society 3 s.h.
GEOG 3780 (044:120)/GHS:3780 (152:178) U.S. Energy Policy in Global Context 3 s.h.
GEOG 4750 (044:125)/URP 4750 (102:125) Environmental Impact Analysis 4 s.h.
OEH:3210 (175:101)/GEOG 3210 (044:174) Health, Work, and the Environment 3 s.h.
POLI 2700 (030:189) Business, Government, and Society 3 s.h.
POLI 3100 (030:113) American State Politics 3 s.h.
POLI 3102 (030:152) The U.S. Congress 3 s.h.
POLI 3110 (030:111) Local Politics 3 s.h.
POLI 3111 (030:126) American Public Policy 3 s.h.
POLI 3117 (030:120) Public Administration and Bureaucratic Politics 3 s.h.
POLI 3118 (030:125) Interest Groups 3 s.h.
POLI 3122 (030:121) Public Choice 3 s.h.
POLI 3123 (030:110) State Politics in Iowa 3 s.h.
POLI 3125 (030:188) Perspectives on Contemporary Iowa 3 s.h.
POLI 3204 (030:171)/SOC:3525 (034:153) Public Opinion 3 s.h.
POLI 3404 (030:150) Public Policy Around the World 3 s.h.
POLI 3408 (030:148) Government and Politics of China 3 s.h.

The course POLI 3125 (030:188) Perspectives on Contemporary Iowa must be taken concurrently with POLI 3124 (030:187) Political Science Des Moines Internship Program. Credit from POLI 3124 (030:187) does not count toward the minor.

NOTE: Some courses are cross-listed; only the primary department is shown. Some courses have prerequisites (e.g., for 102:134 (URP 4750), prerequisites are 135 courses; take 06E:001 Principles of Microeconomics.)

Minors in Environmental Policy & Planning may majors in Anthropology, Geography, Political Science, or Geographic Information Science (among others); no more than 6 sh can count toward both the major and the minor.

Majors in Anthropology, Geography, or Political Science may minor in Environmental Policy & Planning; no more than 6 sh can count toward both the major and the minor.

Courses may not be used to satisfy more than one requirement.