Guidelines for Behavior in the GISIL

Encouraged behavior

  • Try out new software, even if it doesn’t pertain to any classes you are taking.
  • Start working on class project early in the semester, when resources are readily available.
  • Ask questions! If you can’t get something to work, try the TAs, Nick, Adam, or your instructor.
  • If you have suggestions for new software for the lab, comments about how things are running for you, or anything else that might improve the lab, please let us know.
  • Submit papers/abstracts/posters for presentations. You’d be surprised how much you can learn from the experience. (Plus, it looks good on your resume!)
  • Get involved. This could lead to involvement in research projects or even funding.
  • If you require software that we do not have on the machines, contact the TAs, Nick or Adam.
  • If you are the last person to leave the lab, turn off the lights and make sure the door is locked.
  • Let us know if something is not working (e.g., CD-ROMs, the network, printers).

Discouraged Behavior 

Doing the following will get your account removed from the lab.

  • Installing software — Do not attempt to install any software on the lab machines. If you need something, please ask the TAs, Nick or Adam.
  • Storing your data locally on the computer — Store things on a network drive. Anything on the local machine may be deleted at any time. You may store things temporarily in the D: drive, but it will be deleted without notification.
  • Opening e-mail attachments without checking their origin or scanning them for viruses
  • Eating and drinking in the lab — We would prefer that you do neither in the lab, but if you have a drink with a sealed top, then you can have it if you set the drink on the floor.
  • Letting friends/boyfriends/girlfriends/spouses/strangers into the lab to use the facilities — The lab is only for Geography students.
  • Loaning your lab key to another person
  • Downloading pirated software, pornography (or viewing), viruses, trojans, or other questionable material
  • Playing music too loudly — Use headphones.
  • Leaving books, papers, or other materials in the lab — They will be discarded if left long enough.
  • Changing settings on the computer without asking
  • Disrupting others using the lab

These are to be considered basic guidelines for behavior in the lab. Following these simple rules will help ensure that the lab is functioning correctly. If you are unsure whether a certain behavior is acceptable, just ask the TAs, Nick or Adam.

More information about school policies on IT resource use can be found in the University of Iowa's Operations Manual, Chapter 19: Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources.