Austin Holland and Rebecca Kauten Featured in Lakeside Lab Impact Report

Aug 26, 2020

Geographical & Sustainability Sciences graduate student Austin Holland and alumna and former visiting assistant professor Dr. Rebecca Kauten are featured in the Friends of Lakeside Lab Impact Report for Summer 2020. 

Graduate student Austin Holland was featured as the recipient of the 2020 Becker Family Graduate Research Fellowship. The Fellowship supports graduate-level environmental research with funding for stipend, equipment, room and board, and other research supplies. 

Alumna (Ph.D. '19) and former Visiting Assistant Professor Dr. Rebecca Kauten is featured as the recipient of the 2020 Science in Residence Fellowship. After beginning her Fellowship duties on July 1, Dr. Kauten will, "focus on the recreational pressures in the Iowa Great Lakes and the inherent conflicts that develop with a resource used for many different purposes. The study aims to provide a solid base of data and information from which to elevate the conversation beyond opinion. It is expected Dr. Kauten's research will build a foundation for collaborative discussions within the community."

Lakeside Laboratory, founded in 1909, is owned by the state and operated through the Board of Regents with a mission to provide science classes and research opportunities for university students and to offer outreach programs and services through the state universities.


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