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Jul 13, 2020

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The Underrepresented Students in Sustainability (USS) Mentoring Program is designed to make mentoring opportunities more accessible to undergraduates from minority or disadvantaged backgrounds exploring careers in sustainability & the environment.

Underrepresented Students in Sustainability (USS)

Students at the University of Iowa proposed USS as a resource for underrepresented students interested in environmental sustainability. USS will connect students with qualified mentors interested in providing guidance and advocacy for the next generation of leaders in the field. USS has three primary goals:

Bridging the gap between underrepresented students and qualified professionals who share an interest in environmental sustainability.

Offering a support system and increasing retention for underrepresented students in sustainability-oriented fields.

Preparing underrepresented students to join the next generation of leaders in sustainability & the environment.

More Information

For Students 

Apply to the USS Mentoring Program!

Applications are due before 5pm on October 6th.

Basic Eligibility Requirements

Minimum GPA of 2.5*

Be a currently enrolled student at the University of Iowa

*Students with a GPA below 2.5 are encouraged to apply and may submit a short explanation of their circumstances.

Preference will be given to students who:

Identify with a group that is underrepresented in environmental sustainability.

Come from economically, geographically, or educationally disadvantaged background.

Have demonstrated interest in environmental justice and working with underserved populations.

For Mentors 

Sign up to be a USS Mentor!

Mentors should sign up as soon as possible.

Mentoring Guidelines

All professors with expertise in environmental sustainability are encouraged to join the program.

Mentors are required to meet with their students for an hour (at least) once a month.

At meetings, mentors and students are encouraged to discuss their experiences, goals, and future plans. Mentors should keep in mind the goals of USS: aiming to build relationships, to offer a system of support, and to prepare students for the future.

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