Iowa Community Integrated Geography Organization (ICIGO)

ICIGO logoICIGO is a student organization within the Department of Geographical and Sustainability Sciences that utilizes experiences and skills gained in the classroom to support projects focused on sustainability in the community and state.

This semester ICIGO is excited to welcome new members with a background, or interest, in GIS, analytics, leadership, organization, and visualization. The group requires 2-3 hours of participation a week and participation in regular meetings.



  • Hands-on experience with GIS applications
  • Web content design, visualizations, and spatial analyses
  • Project management and team project experience
  • Work in teams made up of people with varying levels and types of skills
  • Collaboration and networking with non-profit organizations
  • Completed projects for use in a future portfolio and resume
  • A unique spatial perspective on your discipline 

How to join: If you're interested in joining ICIGO, e-mail GIS Administrator, Adam Skibbe. Please identify your year and major, as well as any experience you might have with GIS or other relevant research/classwork. Anyone who is interested and willing to commit a few hours to a project is encouraged to join.

Research credit: You may apply for one semester hour of credit of Undergraduate Research as part of your semester long project. Please contact Prof. Marc Linderman for more information about the course or stop by 312 Jessup Hall.