Silvia Secchi

PhD, Iowa State University
310 Jessup Hall
Office Hours: 
Monday - Wednesday 8:30 - 9:30 AM in person
Friday 1:30 – 3:30 PM via Zoom
Research Interests: 
Environmental impacts of agriculture, Water sustainability. Floodplain policy, Conservation policy, Adaptation and mitigation to climate change, Land use science, Integrated modeling

Academic experience:

2017-current               University of Iowa                              Iowa City, IA
Associate Professor   Department of Geographical and Sustainability Sciences
                                    Public Policy Center

2014-2017                   Southern Illinois University                Carbondale, IL
Associate Professor   Department of Geography and Environmental Resources

2008-2014                   Southern Illinois University                Carbondale, IL
Assistant Professor     Department of Agribusiness Economics

2004-2008                  Iowa State University                         Ames, IA, USA
Associate Scientist     Center for Agricultural and Rural Development

2001-2004                  Iowa State University                         Ames, IA, USA
Assistant Scientist      Center for Agricultural and Rural Development

1996 – 2000                Iowa State University                         Ames, IA, USA
Research Assistant     Center for Agricultural and Rural Development

1995 - 1996                 University of Reading                        Reading, England
Research Associate    Centre for Agricultural Strategy


Google Scholar:


Broadly speaking, I am interested in the nexus between humans and the environment, the tools and methodologies we use to understand it, the policies we adopt to change it, and the pedagogy of teaching it.

Specifically, most of my work focuses on the Mississippi River Basin – I have done research on land based energy production, water quality, adaptation to climate change, floodplain management, invasive species and farmers’ attitudes in the watershed. I believe in place-based education. Studying multiple aspects of the complex relationship between humans and the Great River has given me a very rich lens through which to learn, research and teach a system approach to address environmental problems.

I am trained as a natural resource economist, and I identify as an economist, a geographer and a transdisciplinary scholar. My research typically involves many collaborators from other disciplines, and it integrates economic, geographical, and environmental models.


Contemporary Environmental Issues
Environmental Economics and Policy
Geography, People and the Environment
Environmental Decision Making
Interdisciplinary Approaches to Environmental Issues 

Graduate Advisees: 

Shanna McClain (with C. Bruch) – Ph.D. in Environmental Resources & Policy, SIUC (IGERT fellow), 2016. AAAS fellow

Mukesh Bhattarai – Ph.D. in Environmental Resources & Policy, SIUC, 2016. Independent consultant

Awoke Teshager (with J. Schoof) – Ph.D. in Environmental Resources & Policy, SIUC, 2016 Postdoctoral Research fellow at the Graham Sustainability Institute, University of Michigan

Tom Shaw – Ph.D. in Environmental Resources & Policy, SIUC, 2015, Director of Environmental Services at Big Rivers Electric Corporation

Sarah Varble – Ph.D. in Environmental Resources & Policy, SIUC, 2014. New Products Manager, Fall Creek Farm & Nursery, Inc.

Grants & Funding: 

USDA NIFA – Costs of continuous conservation tillage: estimation with incomplete data (with L. Kurkalova, T. Wade and R. Claassen), 2016-2018, $499,995.

Argonne National Lab (DoE funds) – Landscape by Design – Valuation of Ecosystem Services, 2015-2017, $49,736.

National Science Foundation - DYN COUPLED NATURAL-HUMAN. People, Water, and Climate: Adaptation and Resilience in Agricultural Watersheds (with D. Bennett, N. Basu, M. Muste, W. Gutowski) 2011-2017, $1,011,832.

Illinois DNR – Training, Certification, Pilot Incentive, Marketing, And Removal Research Project for the long-term strategy in reducing and controlling Asian Carp populations (with J. Garvey), 2011, $1,500,000.

National Science Foundation - DYN COUPLED NATURAL-HUMAN. Climate Change, Hydrology, and Landscapes of America’s Heartland: A Multi-scale Natural-Human System (With C. Lant, S. Kraft, G. Misma, J. Nicklow, and J. Schoof) 2010-2014, $1,430,000.

USDA CSREES AFRI Agribusiness Markets and Trade. An Analysis of the Impact of Biofuel Expansion through Linking of Agricultural and Energy Markets (With A. Elobeid and L. Kurkalova) 2010-2014, $360,396.

The Nature Conservancy. Floodplain Restoration Strategies Integrating Biomass plantings and Ecosystem Service Payments (With S. Kraft) 2009-2013, $112,536.

National Science Foundation Cyber-Enabled Discovery and Innovation Type II. Understanding Water-Human Dynamics with Intelligent Digital Watersheds. (with J. Schnoor, M. Muste, A. Kusiak and D. Bennett). 2009-2012, $899,391.

EPA, Region 7. Biofuel Feedstock Landscape Coverage for Five Biofuel Industry Scenarios (with R. Cruse, A. Elobeid and S. Tokgoz) 2008-2010, $150,000.

Department of Energy-USDA. Expansion of ethanol production: evaluation of costs and benefits to rural communities in the Upper Mississippi River Basin. (with L. Kurkalova, C.L. Kling, P.W. Gassman, M. Jha, A. Carriquiry and D. Otto)  2006-2009, $676,722.

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service. Environmental Credit Trading Handbook. 2006-2007 (with C.L. Kling), $84,150.

Prairie Rivers of Iowa  R.C. & D and USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service. Rapid Watershed Assessment for the Boone River, the Upper Iowa and the South Skunk Watersheds (with T. Isenhart, C.L. Kling, P.W. Gassman and M. Tomer) 2006-2007, $72,500.

NASA and USDA Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service. Interactive Drivers of Land Use/Land Cover  Change in Agricultural Areas: Climate and Land Manager Choices. (with C.L. Kling, H. Feng, P.W. Gassman, and E. Tackle) 2006-2008, $465,900.

Iowa Farm Bureau, Leopold Center for Sustainable Development, Iowa Soybean Association, Iowa Corn Growers Association. Assessment of Conservation Practices on Agricultural Cropland in Iowa (with C.L. Kling, H. Feng, P. Gassman, and M. Jha) 2006, $72,500.

USDA CSREES Integrated Projects. Water Resource Degradation in the Boone Watershed: Integrating Stakeholder Knowledge and Preferences with Economic and Watershed Models (with C.L. Kling, M. Duffy, L. Kurkalova, H. Feng, P.W. Gassman, and J. Cooper) 2005-2008, $590,000.

Prairie Rivers of Iowa  R.C. & D and Leopold Center for Sustainable Development. Boone River Watershed and Gordon's Marsh Project (with C.L. Kling, and P.W. Gassman) 2005-2006, $35,000.

Iowa State Water Resources Research Institute. Improving Water Quality in Iowa Rivers: Cost-Benefit Analysis of Adopting New Conservation Practices and Changing Agricultural Land Use (with C.L. Kling, H. Feng, P.W. Gassman, and L. Kurkalova) 2005-2006, $39,600

National Science Foundation. Biocomplexity of Integrated Perennial-Annual Agroecosystems (Senior Personnel. Principal Investigators: H. Asbjornsen, R. M Cruse, C.L. Kling, M. Z Liebman, J. D Opsomer) 2005-2007, $ 99,998.

Iowa Department of Natural Resources. Costs of Adopting Conservation Practices on Agricultural Cropland in Iowa and Possible Nutrient Standards (with C.L. Kling, H. Feng, P. Gassman, and L. Kurkalova) 2004, $53,360.

Selected Publications: 

(Asterisks denote graduate students advisees)

Teshager, A. D.*, Gassman, P. W., Secchi, S., & Schoof, J. T. (2017). Simulation of targeted pollutant-mitigation-strategies to reduce nitrate and sediment hotspots in agricultural watershed. Science of The Total Environment, 607(Supplement C), 1188-1200. doi: 

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