Oronde Drakes

IGERT Trainee
217 Jessup Hall
Curriculum Vitae: 


Originally from Guyana, I am pursuing a PhD in geography. My interest has been adaptation and disaster risk reduction strategies for overcoming the underlying factors influencing a range of environmental hazards; in the case of Guyana these have been generally linked to Climate Change. As an undergraduate geography major, my independent study was based on defining flood vulnerability mapping methods appropriate for use in the coastal areas of Guyana. This led to post graduate research for an MSc in Environmental Hazards and GIS which focused on the effects of sea level rise on the sea defenses of the Demerara- Mahaica region of Guyana. My intended research would continue this application of GIS for hazard assessments and management.

Research Interest:

My research focuses on natural hazards and disasters with particular interest in approaches for integrating at risk indigenous and other un- and underrepresented populations into community and regional disaster risk reduction management structures. My work includes integrated risk and hazard assessments as well as participatory vulnerability assessments and volunteered geographic data. This combines both quantitative and qualitative research.

I have secondary interest in geoinformatics approaches to disaster risk management. Principally their applications to regional scale settings in developing countries and the integration of input from outlying and indigenous communities. 

Key research Concepts:

Integrated risk and hazard assessments, participatory vulnerability assessments, community based disaster risk management