Neal MacDonald

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216 Jessup Hall
Curriculum Vitae: 


I attended the University of Iowa as an undergrad, working in the Department of Anthropology’s archaeology team in the lab and the field. As part of that experience, I worked with applied GIS and spatial analysis concepts that explored how we can extract meaningful information from in situ arrangements of archaeological objects. Shortly after graduating, I enlisted in the Army and commissioned as an officer through Officer Candidate School. After a few years in the Field Artillery, I was selected to serve as one of the Army’s Space Operations Officers, a specialty field focusing on integrating space-based systems, tools, and assets into defense and civil support efforts. This led to the opportunity I am currently pursuing: a PhD in Geography with an emphasis on Remote Sensing and related concepts.

Research Interests:

My main research interests lie in the fields of Remote Sensing, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), spatial analysis, and human/environment interaction, as well as the practical applications of new and emerging developments in those fields. As part of my professional experience, I have worked extensively with space-based remote sensing systems and technologies, national space and defense policy, and decision-making support systems, and I continue to look for opportunities to further my knowledge of those topics. I also enjoy exploring concepts related to archaeology, evolution, game theory, emergence of complexity.