Geng Tian

Geng Tian
216 Jessup Hall


I studied Geographic Information Science and received B.S. degree from Wuhan University, China. As an interdisciplinary subject, my knowledge is not limited to physical geography, but also includes geomatics and cartography. Now I am pursuing M.A. degree of Geography under the instruction of professor Caglar Koylu. I like GIS, and I believe GIS will eventually change our daily lives. I like staying alone and working out a problem, but I am also willing to cooperate. During the spare time, I like playing basketball and cooking.

Research Interests: 

I used to focus on urban mega data research in my undergraduate study. My research topic was “Geographic Color”, which was a term describing the exterior color composition of urban architectures. The research made use of Baidu Map Street View (BMSV) as data resource and established a method to objectively extract color composition from images. Color distributions were visualized in a map and color design tendency of city was mathematically calculated by line fitting algorism. The method reduced consumption of money and time in urban survey and avoided artificial intervenes. Now I am trying to transfer my area to flow mapping under the guidance of professor Caglar Koylu.