Barbara Keino

223 Jessup Hall
Office Hours: 
W 1:30-3:30pm, Th 1:00-2:00pm
Research Interests: 
health geography, epidemiology, chronic diseases in Africa, global health

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I was born in a small village in Kericho, Kenya but my family migrated to the U.S when I was in grade school.  Although I mostly grew up in Iowa, I maintain a strong connection to Kenya through my studies and work experiences.  I completed my undergraduate degree in Zoology and Genetics and an MSc in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Iowa State University.  Most recently, I was based in Nairobi, Kenya where I worked on a variety of projects ranging from food security issues in urban informal settlements to infectious disease vector monitoring and control in rural farming communities. 

I gained an interest in Geography (GIS actually) during my MSc when I used GPS and GIS to map plant communities and large mammal (elk and bison) home ranges, in an ongoing tallgrass prairie reconstruction at Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge.  GIS has been a key component of every project I have worked on since. 


Research Interests:

My research interests are in health geography, specifically, how time, place, and environment influence patterns of disease.  I am especially interested in the epidemiological transition from infectious to chronic disease burden in Kenya.  


Teaching Assistant:  Contemporary Environmental Issues (GEOG 1070)