The CLAS and UI College of Law 3+3 Program

smiling female studentThe College of Liberal Arts & Sciences (CLAS) and the UI College of Law have developed the 3+3 program for undergraduate students who are interested in completing a bachelor’s degree and law degree in six years instead of seven. Students who complete the program requirements will reduce time spent in college, and therefore save one year of undergraduate tuition and living expenses.

Under the 3+3 Program, current UI students may apply to the UI law school during their junior year and, if they are accepted, begin attending law school during what would have been their senior year. The credits earned during the first year of law school will also apply toward the undergraduate degree.

Prospective and continuing undergraduate students may be eligible for the 3+3 program. All students may contact to get more information.

Continuing students enrolled at the UI should contact their pre-law advisor, or declare pre-law and receive an advisor assignment at the Academic Advising Center. Pre-law advisors will help students prepare for the UI College of Law admission process. In addition, continuing students should also contact their departmental advisor to determine whether the desired major will fit into the 3+3 graduation plan. Not all CLAS majors are eligible to be partnered with the 3+3 program. However, with careful advanced planning, many CLAS majors may be considered for the program. 

Students must submit a document verifying completion of 90 s.h., along with all major and general education requirements with the UI Law School application.  This document must be signed by the departmental advisor and by the Dean’s Office in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, 120 Schaeffer Hall. The verification form may be downloaded here.

For additional information about pre-law advising and the 3+3 program, contact in 120 Schaeffer Hall, the UI Office of Admissions - Law Preprofessional Program, and the Academic Advising Center.

For more information about the 3+3 Program in the College of Law, contact the College of Law Admissions Office (319-335-9095) or visit the 3 + 3 Program Admissions page.