Finance & Business Operations Staff

CLAS FInance and Budget Office org chart

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Name Email Phone Office
Tom Koeppel
Interim Director,
Business & Financial Administration 319-335-0134 202A SH
Jeff Donoghue
Assistant Director,
Business & Financial Administration 319-335-2605 202B SH
Ryan Kirkey
Accounting & Financial Analysis 319-384-3489 203 SH
Sandy Mast
Senior Accountant 319-335-9304 E101 FH
Ronna Mayberry
Senior Accountant 319-335-0577 105 BCSB
Kevin McGlynn
Senior Accountant 319-335-1773 226 ABW
Beth Mellinger
Senior Accountant 319-353-2190 123A PH
Kristina Swanson
Senior Accountant 319-335-0459 323B EPB
Rachel Vrchoticky
Senior Accountant 319-467-0104 21 MLH
Accounting & Financial Analysis
    202C SH
Michelle Worrell
Senior Accountant 319-335-1975 1400L VOX