Allocation and Financial Management

Departmental Budget Report

At the beginning of each fiscal year, each DEO may run a report from the Office of the Dean on the department's salary allocation for the current fiscal year. The departmental budget report lists the names of all faculty members, P&S staff, and Merit staff paid from the department's salary allocation, plus total fringe benefits.

Department Account Activity Summary

CLAS Departmental Accountants should meet with the administrator and DEO at least quarterly to review account balances. The Departmental Accountants are required to provide monthly Departmental Account Activity Summaries to the Administrator and DEO.

General Expense Allocation

General expense items include equipment that costs less than $5,000, office supplies, postage, telecommunications, and other types of supplies and services.

Conversion of Funds

Instructional funds (function 10) may not be re-allocated to cover research expenses (function 20 and 21). For example, general expense funds may not be used to support Research Assistant salary and fringe expenses.