Memos and Forms

Below are frequently used forms and important memos related to undergraduate instruction.

Forms Related to the Undergraduate Classroom

DEO Memos Related to Undergraduate Teaching

Absence Form for Students
Absences of Instructors from the Class: Provision for Coverage Required
Absence Policies and Procedures for Undergraduates
ACE Evaluations: Using New Override Fields
ACE Evaluations: Best Practices for Administering
Annual American Disability Act Letter
Cancellations Due to Extreme Weather Operational Protocol: 2019/2020 Season
Course Revisions and Additions: Reminder of Key CLAS Deadlines
Curriculum: Guidelines for Making Additions, Revisions, and Removals
General Education Name and Website: CLAS Core
General Education CLAS Core Review Committee: Update
General Education Proposals for GE Course Status: Deadlines and  Requirements
Office Hours as Walk-in Hours and Related Issues
Solicitation Not Allowed in the Classroom
Suicide Prevention Training Now Available Online: Please Enroll
Syllabi Attachment Policy

Syllabus Required for Every "Organized" Course
Textbook Orders: Due Date and Exceptions
Undergraduate Programs of Study and Related Changes for Fall 2019