Teaching Policies & Resources — Undergraduates as Instructional Aides

Qualified undergraduates who are appropriately prepared and closely supervised may provide an excellent supplement to instruction, and a teaching internship can enrich the intern's educational experience as well. Departments may use highly qualified advanced undergraduates in certain types of teaching duties; for instance, an undergraduate teaching intern could do the following:

  • Help a graduate teaching assistant in supervising a computer lab or conducting a discussion section
  • Support faculty in preparing course materials
  • Tutor individual students or be available to answer students' questions
  • Lead a discussion section under the supervision of the faculty member

Undergraduate teaching interns must never be put in the position of grading other students or of having access to confidential information about peers.

Undergraduate teaching interns ordinarily are compensated with course credit. Such arrangements are configured as an academic experience for the intern.

Undergraduate teaching internship opportunities must receive approval from the College prior to the first semester the opportunity is offered. The supervising professor must submit a short letter of application to the Department Executive Officer, who should forward the letter to the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs and Curriculum, CLAS Office of Academic Programs & Student Development, 120 Schaeffer Hall.

The letter should contain the following information:

  • The number, title, and description of the course, including the level of students usually enrolled
  • The criteria and process for selecting a student serving as an intern
  • The qualifications for the internship, such as hours earned, major, knowledge of the course, and GPA
  • The supervision protocol
  • The academic academic requirements of the internship