Teaching Policies & Resources — Provost Guidelines for Establishing "Instructors of Record" in MAUI

The Office of the Provost, in consultation with the Office of the Registrar, requests that all academic courses list a UI employee (in active status) with a qualifying faculty jobcode as the Primary Instructor in the MAUI system or, in the case that a non-faculty member is listed as the Primary Instructor, then a person with a faculty jobcode must be listed as the Course Supervisor. In this way, the UI can verify that all academic courses are either taught by or supervised by a faculty member.

Current Procedure

Currently, departments directly enter names into the MAUI system to identify the instructors of record for academic courses. Types of instructors of record include:

  • Primary Instructor
  • Team Teacher
  • Course Supervisor
  • Teaching Assistant

Every academic course section must have one and only one Primary Instructor, but can have as many other kinds of instructors as a department chooses. Each instructor designation carries with it particular privileges and responsibilities, including access to specific student records, ICON access, and responsibility to complete FERPA training to access specific student data. Currently, the range of appointments designated as Primary Instructor varies across departments -- with Primary Instructors ranging from Secretary IVs and Program Associates to Full Professors. There is no communication or check between MAUI and the Faculty Status HR systems to verify faculty status.

The Primary Instructor field identifies the person most responsible for course instruction and is also used by multiple offices to determine:

  1. Course load to factor faculty percentage effort (departmental/colleges),
  2. Course payment (by Division of Continuing Education),
  3. Contact person for student inquiries (visible on ICON screen), and
  4. Instructor of record (Registrar).

New Procedure

All UI academic courses will either be taught by or supervised by a member of the UI faculty. To ensure this, the MAUI system will restrict Primary Instructor status to employees listed as having an active appointment within the UI HR System. If a non-faculty or TA jobcode is entered as Primary Instructor, someone with a qualifying faculty appointment must be entered into the Course Supervisor field (see Eligible Faculty Jobcodes for Primary Instructor or Course Supervisor). All individuals listed as an instructor must hold an active UI appointment, but faculty status is not required for the Team Teacher, Teaching Assistant, or Course Supervisor (when a faculty member is listed as Primary Instructor).

Instructor types and eligibility
Instructor Type Eligibility
Primary Instructor Must hold active faculty appointment or, if taught by a staff member or Teaching Assistant, must identify a faculty member to serve as Course Supervisor.
Course Supervisor If used in conjunction with a non-faculty Primary Instructor, must hold an active faculty appointment in one of the Eligible Faculty Jobcodes
Other Designations
(e.g., Team Teacher, Teaching Assistant)
Must hold active UI appointment—not necessarily faculty

As per the UI Operations Manual III.10.11, one exception to this is an allowance that coaches may teach athletics-related courses to student athletes. For other courses requiring an exception, please contact Marge Pottorff, Faculty HR Specialist, Office of the Provost, to discuss methods by which appropriate oversight can be identified and implemented.

This change will be in effect for all new academic courses (for credit and non-credit) that begin after January 1, 2011.

Rationale for Change

  • The University of Iowa faculty is charged with ensuring the overall integrity of academic coursework. The University should be able to forthrightly state that all courses offered at The University of Iowa are taught by or taught under the supervision of the faculty.
  • A Primary Instructor is understood to have primary responsibility for course instruction and student guidance. If a faculty member is not the Primary Instructor, a faculty member shall be associated with the course as a Course Supervisor to ensure the overall academic integrity of the course and curriculum.
  • UI employees with faculty appointments, including 0% Adjunct appointments, must undergo the faculty approval process, which are dictated by collegiate and university guidelines.
  • Concerns have been expressed by auditors that people who are allowed access to student data (e.g., class lists) should have current active appointments.
  • For-credit and not-for-credit courses are acknowledged as part of a student’s official transcript and academic coursework, therefore, the University has responsibility to use its existing systems to ensure academic integrity of that coursework.

Implementation Guidance

This change will be in effect for all new academic courses (for credit and non-credit) that begin after January 1, 2011. The MAUI system will require that a faculty member be listed as either the Primary Instructor or Course Supervisor beginning with courses offered in Fall 2011.

To make the transition, the following procedures are recommended in cases in which a faculty member is not currently listed as Primary Instructor:

A. Staff member currently listed as Primary Instructor: For those courses in which a staff member is responsible for course oversight and/or is teaching the course, an appropriate faculty appointment (e.g., 0% Adjunct) may be given and the staff member can then be listed as the Primary Instructor via their faculty appointment.

B. Non-faculty members currently listed as Primary Instructor: In cases where a TA or staff member who is not eligible for an Adjunct appointment is listed as Primary Instructor, departments should identify the faculty member who has ultimate responsibility of the overall integrity of the course. This person should be listed as Course Supervisor beginning with courses offered after January 1, 2011.

C. For courses managed in some other way that may need an exception, please contact Marge Pottorff, Faculty HR Specialist, Office of the Provost, to discuss other methods by which appropriate oversight can be identified and implemented.

Eligible Faculty Jobcodes for Primary Instructor and/or Course Supervisor

The following Faculty Appointments may be assigned as Primary Instructor or as Course Supervisor in the event that a TA or staff member is listed as Primary Instructor.

FA11 Adjunct Professor
FA12 Adjunct Associate Professor
FA13 Adjunct Assistant Professor
FA14 Adjunct Instructor
FA15 Adjunct Lecturer
FA16 Adjunct Associate
FA17 Adjunct Assistant In Instruction
FC11 Adjunct Clinical Professor
FC12 Adj Clinical Assoc Professor
FC13 Adj Clinical Asst Professor
FC14 Adjunct Clinical Instructor
FC15 Adjunct Clinical Lecturer
FC16 Adjunct Clinical Associate
FC17 Adj Clinc Asst for Instruction
FE11 Professor Emeritus
FE12 Associate Professor Emeritus
FE13 Assistant Professor Emeritus
FH15 Lecturer
FH16 Associate
FH17 Assistant In Instruction
FI01 President
FI02 Provost
FI03 Vice President
FI04 Dean
FM03 Associate Provost FM05 Associate Dean
FM06 Assistant Dean
FQ11 Clinical Professor
FQ12 Clinical Associate Professor
FQ13 Clinical Assistant Professor
FQ14 Clinical Instructor
FS11 Professor
FS12 Associate Professor
FS13 Assistant Professor
FS14 Instructor
FT11 Professor
FT12 Associate Professor
FT13 Assistant Professor
FV11 Visiting Professor
FV12 Visiting Associate Professor
FV13 Visiting Assistant Professor
FV14 Visiting Instructor
FV15 Visiting Lecturer
FV16 Visiting Associate

(Updated November 2010)