Teaching Policies & Resources — Associate Dean's Curriculum Development Fund


The Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs and Curriculum encourages all faculty members in the College to enrich current undergraduate courses or to propose new courses that will enhance the undergraduate experience, especially by service learning or travel. Proposals to enhance summer and winter offerings also are welcomed. The maximum award is $1,500 and is limited to undergraduate courses.

Proposals are accepted on a continual basis; there is no deadline. Proposals for undergraduate courses with the following elements are generally given priority:

  • Courses that include service learning. Funds are available to develop or to support a service learning component for a new or an existing course.
  • Courses that include a travel experience. Funds may be used to develop or to support a travel component for a new or an existing course. The component may be integral to the course or a post-semester option. International travel or travel that promotes a multicultural perspective especially is encouraged.
  • Courses that enhance summer or winter educational experiences. Funds may be used to develop or support unique, student-centered educational experiences for the summer or winter sessions.

Uses of Funds

Funds may be used for expenses associated with undergraduate course development and course research, such as for books, software, teaching supplies, and other materials; for support of unique experiences and activities for students; and for appropriate guest speakers (generally requiring matching funds from the department). Funds may not be used for faculty or teaching assistant salaries or for faculty travel expenses normally covered by departmental funds. All proposals must indicate how funds will be spent. The maximum award is $1,500.

Proposal Format

Proposals should be submitted as a one to two page letter to Helena Dettmer, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs and Curriculum, 120 Schaeffer Hall. Proposals should address the following areas:

  • Course overview. In a short paragraph, please give the proposed or actual course number, title, and a brief description of the course and of the course audience; the expected or approximate enrollment figures; and the number of times the course has been or will be offered annually. Briefly describe the role of the course within the departmental curriculum or/and within the General Education Program if applicable.
  • Rationale for proposal. Please describe the enhancements suggested for an existing course or the proposed content for a new course, explaining how these relate to one or more of the objectives of the Curriculum Development Fund, such as service learning, travel, or summer/winter session enhancement. State why the proposal should be funded.
  • Faculty background. Please provide a short paragraph introducing any research and teaching interests that relate to this funding request.
  • Use of funds. In one paragraph, briefly describe how the funds will be spent. (Please keep in mind the approved possible use of funds, noted in the category above, Specific use of funds. Funds may not be used for faculty or teaching assistantship salaries or for travel expenses normally funded by the department.)
  • Signatures. The faculty member writing the proposal and the DEO must both sign the letter.

For more information, or if you have questions, please contact Helena Dettmer, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs and Curriculum, 335-2633.