Professional Policies & Faculty Responsibilities — Retirement & Emeritus Faculty Status

The DEO informs the Office of the Dean of resignations or retirements as soon as the information is available. The faculty member must sign a "Termination Report" form or provide a signed letter of resignation. The Dean's Office notifies the Office of the Provost that the appointment has been terminated.

Phased Retirement Program

Under this program, the faculty member may continue to be employed less than full-time for a phasing period of up to five years. The faculty member may hold an appointment of up to 65% during the phasing period except in the final year, when the appointment must be 50%. The program includes salary and fringe benefit incentives (for complete information, consult University Benefits, 335-2676). To be eligible for phased retirement, a faculty member must be at least 57 years old and must have been employed by the Board of Regents for 15 years.

The College is ordinarily able to approve phasing periods of no more than two years. In reviewing proposals for phased retirements, the College takes into consideration the individual's most recent tenured faculty review, his/her current productivity and contributions, and the department's needs and circumstances. If necessary, the College will schedule an extended peer review to determine whether a phased retirement request is warranted, or whether suitable adjustments to the PTEA form should be made during the phased retirement period. Proposals for phasing periods of longer than two years will be considered only if there are strong pedagogical and scholarly reasons why such an arrangement would be in the best interests of the College and the department.

A faculty member applying for phased retirement and the DEO must negotiate a plan for the phasing period, specifying when the period will begin, what percentage appointment the faculty member will hold, and special conditions such as a fall-only or spring-only teaching schedule. The DEO ensures that the plan specifies a teaching, research, and service commitment that equitably represents the percentage appointment for the phasing period.

A 9-month faculty member may not begin or end the phased period during the summer months, and must begin the phased retirement period at the beginning of an academic semester and end it at the end of an academic semester. 

If the Dean approves the plan, it is forwarded to the Office of the Provost, where an official agreement is prepared to be signed by the faculty member, the DEO, the Dean, and the Provost.

Emeritus Faculty Status

A tenured faculty member who retires with at least 10 years of service to the University automatically receives the "emeritus" designation at his or her current rank (see the Operations Manual, III-11.7).

Emeritus faculty are encouraged to continue to be involved in the life of the department, since their experience makes their contributions especially valuable. The DEO informs emeritus faculty of those privileges and obligations the department attaches to emeritus appointments. Unfortunately, due to limited space resources, the College cannot guarantee office or laboratory space for emeritus faculty.