ICON and Information Technology

Please note: During the 2020-21 academic year, these policies will move to the CLAS Policies and Procedures website. At that time, this page will be discontinued.

Instructors are encouraged to use information technologies in developing their courses and to construct assignments that lead students to these resources. The College encourages all instructors to investigate and if appropriate to adopt the ICON course management system. ITS's Student Instructional Technology Assistants provide support for instructors (faculty, staff, graduate students) who would like to set up new courses in ICON and start fresh or move content from existing Blackboard/WebCT courses. Staff from Academic Technologies are also available to visit with departments to explain more about ICON and the capabilities of the system.

In constructing class web pages, the course syllabus, and student assignments, instructors should be careful to conform to the University's Policy on Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources (Operations Manual, II-19). Faculty, staff, and students using information technologies are responsible for recognizing and honoring the intellectual property rights of others and making attribution as appropriate; refraining from improper intrusions into others' computer accounts or files; respecting rights of property and restrictions on access to and use of information; and refraining from wasting resources or preventing others' access.

The University's Main Library also offers a number of instructional services, as do the Center for Teaching and Instructional Technology Services.

The University offers a mass e-mailing option that faculty and departments may use to reach groups of more than 100 within the University community. Though ITS recommends the use of this service principally for groups of over 1,000, instructors of large-enrollment courses or departments with heavily subscribed majors may wish to explore this option as a means of communicating with students. A description of this option and other options for reaching large audiences is available on the ITS website. An application (also available on the website) must be submitted to ITS at least a week in advance of the date on which the message will be sent.