Faculty Appointments & Review — Recommendation for Faculty Promotion Cover Sheet

Effective Fall 2023, the Recommendation for Faculty Promotion cover sheet is within the Promotion & Tenure tab of the Faculty Admin Center for all faculty on regular tracks (instructional, clinical, tenure). Departmental Administrator (or delegate) will initiate the form in workflow after the DCG vote and DEO recommendation. 

Each faculty member who has a review type “Promotion and Tenure” listed in FRAP will have the cover sheet available on Promotion & Tenure tab's main screen. If the faculty member does not have promotion and tenure listed as the review type, contact Tiffany Schier to update the system. 

Initiate the form by clicking the "START" button in the "Cover Sheet" column. The department will fill out the form, including:

  • Proposed Rank
  • If proposed rank is without tenure, indicate term of appointment. Start date will be 07/01/20XX; end date will be 06/30/20XX. 
  • Primary Department Approval, Vote Results: Record DCG vote in the form of Yes-No-Abstain (example: If DCG vote is 6 positive, 0 negative, 0 abstained, record as 6-0-0)
  • DEO Recommendation

The form will route to the department and college of every non-complimentary appointment for approvals using the same workflow path as faculty reviews. You will have the ability to ad hoc the form to anyone else that may need to see it at any point within the routing process. 

You will not need to attach the finalized cover sheet to the promotion record that you send to the Dean's Office. The workflow form replaces the prior PDF form. 

For adjunct faculty requesting promotion:  The previous cover sheet will remain available within the HR Transaction System for adjuncts who may be requesting promotion. The Departmental Administrator should work with their HR Rep to locate and complete the Recommendation for Promotion Form, available via Self-Service  (HR Transaction System/Faculty Promotion/Faculty Promotion Cover Sheet), and basic information will be automatically populated.  Insert all additional required information, including the Proposed Rank, Date to Present Rank within Track, DCG vote, DEO Recommendation, and DEO signature.  Include the completed form in the electronic Promotion Record. Due to the recent changes in access to the HR Transaction System, only the HR Rep has access to pull this cover sheet.