Faculty Appointments & Review — Preparing the Curriculum Vitae

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The following model incorporates the structure and information required by the University/Collegiate Procedures for Tenure and Promotion Decision Making. The sections on Teaching, Research, and Service outlined below can come in any order on the CV (e.g., Research before Teaching).


Business Address:

Department of University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa 52242 Phone: 319–335–xxxx E-mail: xxxxx-xxxxx@uiowa.edu


  1. Higher Education—Institutions, dates attended, field of study, degrees and dates awarded.
  2. Professional and Academic Positions—Title, dates of service, location or institution.
  3. Honors and Awards—List.
  4. Memberships—List memberships in professional and learned societies, indicating offices held, committees served on, special assignments.


  1. Teaching Assignments—List semester-by-semester, formatted as on the College’s Model Chart for Summarizing the Teaching Record. The chart should include the most recent 7-year period. Note: ACE summary scores or summaries of non-ACE representative comments are no longer required with the version of the teaching chart that is included with the CV. The ACE scores or non-ACE summaries are required in the appendix to the promotion record that includes all student teaching evaluations for the period under review. (This appendix is used at the department level and is not forwarded to the College or University, except upon their request.)
  2. Students Supervised—List in tabular form, as below:

Degree objective:                               Student name:                     Years:                                  Outcome:
a. Ph.D. candidates
b. Master’s candidates
c. Postdocs
d. Undergraduate students
e. Honors students

        3.   Other Contributions to Instructional Programs—List any special activities.

        Other items that belong with the TEACHING section of the Promotion Record and will normally be separate from the CV:

  • The candidate’s Personal Statement on Teaching.
  • Copies of course materials (e.g., syllabi, instructional Web pages, laboratory materials, etc.)

SCHOLARSHIP [Most to least recent.]

  1. Publications or Creative Works For multi-authored work or coherent series of multi-authored works, indicate * = senior author, major contribution ** = secondary contribution *** = equal contribution **** = minor contribution
    a. Refereed For books and articles, give full bibliographic information, including number of pages; indicate and be prepared to document whether published, in-press, or accepted for publication.
         —Books At the time of the promotion review, the dossier will include a copy of the College’s Checklist of Progress Toward Book Publication, showing where the book is in the production process.
         —Exhibits/Installations/Performances List and be prepared to document in the form of published notices, programs, or reviews.
    b. Non-refereed [Would generally be technical reports or abstracts.]
  2. Published Reviews of Scholarship—List source, date, reviewer’s name, length.
  3. Inventions and Patents
  4. Grants Funded—Include duration, agency, total amount, and your status as PI or co-PI.
    a. External
    b. Internal
  5. Funding Proposals Submitted But Not Funded—May also report reviewers’ scores, if available.
  6. Invited Lectures and Conference Presentations—List with title, date, place/institution.
    a. International
    b. National
  7. Pending Decisions Affecting Deliberations—List of upcoming commitments/decisions (grant proposals, book contracts, other publishing decisions).

Other items that belong with the SCHOLARSHIP section of the Promotion Record and will normally be separate from the CV:

  • The candidate’s Personal Statement on Scholarship.
  • As an appendix, copies of the candidate’s published work, work in-press, and/or work accepted for publication, indicating where each has been or will be published.

SERVICE [Most to least recent.] Include, for instance, offices held in professional organizations; editorships of journals or other scholarly publications; service on review panels; service on departmental, collegiate, or university committees; relevant community involvement.

  1. Profession
  2. Department
  3. College
  4. University
  5. Community
  6. State of Iowa

Another item that belongs with the SERVICE section of the Promotion Record and will normally be separate from the CV: the candidate’s Personal Statement on Service.