Faculty Appointments & Review — Faculty Salary Recommendations

Submission of Curriculum Vitae

Early in the fall semester, the College the affirmation of an updated CLAS Standard CV from each faculty member, to be used in conjunction with the process to determine salary increments for the next year. Faculty who do not affirm updated CVs will not be considered for merit salary increments.

Salary Recommendations

The DEO recommends to the Dean the salary to be paid to each departmental faculty member in the following year. In many departments faculty committees advise the DEO on these recommendations. Faculty salary increases are distributed entirely on the basis of merit in research or creative activities, teaching, and service unless some funds are identified, within the department or within the College, for various types of equity adjustments.

In the Spring semester, the DEO has an opportunity to discuss the recommendations with the Dean in a salary conference. In late Spring, the Dean informs the DEO of the salary recommendations the College has made to the Provost and asks the DEO to notify each faculty member of their recommended salary.

Salary Complaint Process

If a written salary complaint is received in the Dean's Office, the DEO will have an opportunity to respond in writing to the issues raised by the faculty member filing the complaint. The faculty member's written complaint and the DEO's response will be given to a subcommittee consisting of the College's Associate Deans, who will consult and then advise the Dean on how to proceed. If further information is required, the faculty member and/or the DEO will be invited to meet with the Dean and the Associate Deans.