Faculty Appointments & Review — Clinical-track Promotion, Definitions

The term “professional productivity” refers to professional works and activities as described in section I.B.(3) of these Procedures and in the CLAS Policy on Clinical Faculty Appointments.

A “candidate” is any salaried clinical-track faculty member who has indicated his or her interest in being reviewed for promotion in a written request submitted to the DEO by April 1 of the calendar year in which the review is to take place.

The “dossier” is the set of primary materials assembled by the candidate as described in section I.B.(3). The dossier contains appendices all or part of which may be transmitted with the dossier to successive participants in the process as described in section I.B.(4).

The “Promotion Record” is the dossier plus all of the materials that are added to it and transmitted to successive participants in the evaluation process.

The “Departmental Consulting Group” (DCG) for clinical-track promotion decisions consists of all tenured, tenure-track, and clinical-track faculty at or above the rank being sought by the candidate, excluding the collegiate Dean, the Provost and other Provost-level faculty administrators, faculty with unsalaried joint appointments (0%) in the department, faculty with collegiate or provostial administrative appointments of 50% or greater, and any faculty member with a disqualifying conflict of interest. If there are fewer than four eligible faculty and/or if there are no eligible clinical-track faculty to serve on the DCG, the Dean, in consultation with the eligible faculty, will identify additional faculty outside the department so that the DCG consists of a minimum of four faculty and has clinical-track faculty representation.

The “Collegiate Consulting Group” (CCG) consists of faculty selected according to each college’s written Procedures governing promotion decision making. These Procedures establish guidelines for the membership of the Group and how it will function within the boundaries of these Procedures in section II.B. In the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, this group is called the Collegiate Committee on Faculty Promotion and Tenure, and is appointed by the Dean pursuant to section 33 of the CLAS Manual of Procedure.

The term "Departmental Executive Officer" or “DEO” throughout the Procedures refers to the person or entity who has been expressly designated by the college to perform one or more of the functions assigned by these Procedures to the DEO.

Participate” means to have input into a promotion decision, including but not limited to such activities as preparing a written report or review of the candidate’s work, participating in a formal discussion of the candidate’s qualifications, voting on a recommendation for or against promotion, or providing consultation except as provided for elsewhere in these procedures.