Faculty Appointments & Review — Adjunct Faculty

Adjunct faculty are generally P&S staff members within the University or professionals in the local community whose areas of expertise are insufficiently represented on the faculty; they ordinarily hold the terminal degree in the field. Adjunct faculty appointments are particularly valuable when they make use of the experience of professionals to enhance academic instruction. Adjunct faculty may provide instruction in courses for academic credit (including courses in the Center for Credit Programs), supervise clinical or practicum experiences, or support the teaching of others.

Appointment to Adjunct Faculty Status

Adjunct faculty appointments carry faculty rank (adjunct instructor; adjunct assistant, associate, and full professor); the expectations at each rank are similar to those for the same rank on the tenure track. For the procedures for appointing adjunct faculty, see Faculty Searches and Appointments on the For DEOs section of this website.

Review of Adjunct Faculty Teaching

In each of the first six years of an adjunct appointment, the department submits a teaching evaluation to the Dean's Office if the adjunct has had classroom duties during that year. The College has developed a standard form for adjunct teaching evaluation. The evaluation is due in the Office of the Dean in late spring.

After the first six years of appointment, a performance evaluation must be submitted every third year if the adjunct has had classroom duties at any time during the three-year appointment period.

Adjunct Appointments in the Graduate College

Adjunct faculty are not automatically members of the graduate faculty. To appoint an individual to graduate faculty status for a specific period or purpose (such as service on a thesis committee), the department applies to the Graduate College.

Promotion of Adjunct Faculty

An adjunct faculty member, whether on salary or not, may undergo review for promotion. The procedures and timeline are those outlined in the Collegiate/University Procedural Guidelines for Promotion and Tenure Decision Making, except that external evaluations of scholarship are necessary only for promotion from adjunct associate professor to adjunct professor. The rationale for promotion must be based on the University and Collegiate criteria for faculty rank and departmental criteria for rank if those exist.

The Dean consults the Collegiate Committee on Faculty Promotion and Tenure during its deliberations in January and transmits a recommendation to the Provost.