Course Fees

Supplemental course fees must be proposed by the department, approved by the College, and then approved by the University's Miscellaneous Fees Committee. Approved fees are included in the course descriptions available to students on MyUI at the time of registration. Fees are collected by the Registrar's Office through the University billing system and returned to departments. No fee may be collected directly by instructors or staff, and no materials may ever be sold directly to students by instructors or staff (see Textbooks and Materials).

Departments may request a supplemental course fee only to cover specific costs associated with a course--for example, educational materials, equipment, and supplies. A course fee may not be used to develop general revenue. The revenue generated may not be used for purposes other than the stated course-related costs. If fees in excess of need are collected, the department must reduce or eliminate the fee in subsequent semesters.

Procedures for Obtaining Approval of Supplemental Course Fees

Course fee requests must be submitted a year in advance of implementation. The department submits the Course Fee Request form to the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education early in the fall semester for fees to be implemented in the subsequent academic year. Fees endorsed by the College are forwarded to the University's Miscellaneous Fees Committee for consideration. Only fees approved by the University committee may be implemented.

Each request must include a budget detailing the costs to be covered by the fee and the unit's estimate of the fee needed, based on data on enrollment figures and specific costs for the last five years. (If the fee is requested for a new course, enrollment and costs must be estimated.) The proposal specifies the length of time the fee would be imposed. Fees are approved for a maximum of five years; renewal may be requested a year before the fee is due to expire.

The Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education may consult the Executive Committee and the Educational Policy Committee on fee proposals.

Supplemental course fee request forms are available at the Registrar's website.