Collegiate Teaching Awards

Collegiate Teaching Awards are given each year to faculty who demonstrate outstanding performance in the classroom, laboratory, or studio. They are recognized by their peers for stimulating and satisfying students' desire to learn, developing innovative and effective methods of presenting the most current and exciting knowledge in their disciplines, and fostering productive and generous mentoring relationships with individual students. The award winners are chosen by the CLAS Collegiate Teaching Award Committee.
Complete List of Collegiate Teaching Award Recipients, 1989-present

2022-2023 Collegiate Teaching Award Recipients

  • Cynthia Farthing, Math
  • Ray Fagenbaum, Health and Human Physiology
  • Irene Lottini, French and Italian 
  • Mariola Espinosa, History
  • Fred Boehmke, Political Science
  • Brady G’Sell, Anthropology and Gender, Women's and Sexuality Studies

    2021-2022 Collegiate Teaching Award Recipients

    • Emily Finzel, Earth and Environmental Sciences
    • Robert Franciscus, Anthropology
    • Sara Mitchell, Political Science
    • Brandon Myers, Computer Science
    • Elizabeth Yale, History
    • Giovanni Zimotti, Ph.D., Spanish and Portuguese


    2020-2021 Collegiate Teaching Award Recipients

    • Renée Cole, Chemistry
    • Kajsa Dalrymple, Journalism and Mass Communication
    • Dan Eberl, Biology
    • Ana Fernandez, Spanish and Portuguese
    • Juan Pablo Hourcade, Computer Science
    • Kate Tierney, Earth and Environmental Sciences


    2019-2020 Collegiate Teaching Award Recipients

    Nicole Esposito, UIowa

    Nicole Esposito

    Jasper Halekas, UIowa

    Jasper Halekas

    Cristiane Barbosa Lira, UIowa

    Cris Lira

    Ambrose Lo, UIowa

    Ambrose Lo

    Christopher Rasheem-McMillan, UIowa

    Christopher-Rasheem McMillan

    Sriram Pemmaraju, UIowa

    Sriram Pemmaraju

    Inara Verzemnieks, UIowa

    Inara Verzemnieks



    2018–2019 Collegiate Teaching Award Recipients

    Alison Bianchi

    Alison Bianchi

    Megan Gogerty

    Megan Gogerty

    Kerry Howley

    Kerry Howley

    Pilar Marce

    Pilar Marcé

    Elizabeth Menninga

    Elizabeth Menninga

    Rachel Young

    Rachel Young



    2017–2018 Collegiate Teaching Award Recipients

    Matthew Bognar

    Matthew Bognar

    Shea Brown

    Shea Brown

    Jennifer Buckley

    Jennifer Buckley

    Freda Lynn

    Freda Lynn

    Luis Munoz

    Luis Muñoz

    Tracy Osborn

    Tracy Osborn



    2016–2017 Collegiate Teaching Award Recipients
    Rebecca Blair
    Rebecca Blair
    Ronald McMullen
    Ronald McMullen
    R. Tyler Priest
    R. Tyler Priest
    Eric Stone
    Eric Stone
    Stephen Voyce
    Stephen Voyce
    Joshua Weiner
    Joshua Weiner


    2015–2016 Collegiate Teaching Award Recipients
    Elana Buch
    Elana Buch
    Matt Gilchrist
    Matthew Gilchrist
    Mary High
    Mary High
    Brenda Leicht
    Brenda Leicht
    Lou Messerle
    Louis Messerle
    Landon Storrs
    Landon Storrs


    2014–2015 Collegiate Teaching Award Recipients
    Christopher Cheatum
    Chris Cheatum
    Andrew Forbes
    Andrew Forbes
    Naomi Greyser
    Naomi Greyser
    Rosemary Moore
    Rosemary Moore
    Aaron Stump
    Aaron Stump
    Teresa Treat
    Teresa Treat


    2013–2014 Collegiate Teaching Award Recipients
    Amber Brian
    Amber Brian

    Will Jennings
    Will Jennings

    Paul Kalina
    Paul Kalina

    Randall McEntaffer
    Kristine Munoz
    Kristine Muñoz

    David Peate



    2012–2013 Collegiate Teaching Award Recipients

    Cinda Coggins Mosher
    Cinda Coggins Mosher

    Dan Foster
    Danny Foster
    Meara Habashi
    Meara Habashi
    Mary Noonan
    Mary Noonan
    Rene Rocha
    Rene Rocha
    Kasturi Varadarajan
    Kasturi Varadarajan
    Emily Wentzell
    Emily Wentzell
    2011–2012 Collegiate Teaching Award Recipients
    Frank Durham
    Frank Durham
    Oguz Durumeric
    Oguz Durumeric

    Richard Mark Heidel
    Richard Mark Heidel

    Russell Larsen
    Russell Larsen
    Jerald Moon
    Jerald Moon
    Ingrid Ukstins Peate
    Ingrid Ukstins Peate

    Complete List of Collegiate Teaching Award Recipients


    • Renée Cole, Chemistry
    • Kajsa Dalrymple, Journalism and Mass Communication
    • Daniel Eberl, Biology
    • Ana Fernandez, Spanish and Portuguese
    • Juan Pablo Hourcade, Computer Science
    • Kate Tierney, Earth and Environmental Sciences


    • Nicole, Esposito, Music
    • Jasper Halekas, Physics and Astronomy
    • Cris Lira, Spanish and Portuguese
    • Ambrose Lo, Statistics and Actuarial Science
    • Christopher Rasheem-McMillan, Dance; Gender, Women's, and Sexuality Studies
    • Sriram Pemmaraju, Computer Science
    • Inara Verzemnieks, English


    • Alison Bianchi, Sociology
    • Megan Gogerty, Theatre Arts
    • Kerry Howley, English
    • Pilar Marcé, Spanish and Portuguese
    • Elizabeth Menninga, Political Science
    • Rachel Young, Journalism and Mass Communication


    • Matthew Bognar, Statistics and Actuarial Science
    • Shea Brown, Physics and Astronomy
    • Jennifer Buckley, English
    • Freda Lynn, Sociology
    • Luis Muñoz, Spanish and Portuguese
    • Tracy Osborn, Political Science


    • Rebecca Blair, Rhetoric
    • Ronald McMullen, Political Science
    • R. Tyler Priest, History; Geographical and Sustainability Sciences
    • Eric Stone, Theatre Arts
    • Stephen Voyce, English
    • Joshua Weiner, Biology


    • Elana Buch, Anthropology
    • Matthew Gilchrist, Rhetoric
    • Mary High, Communication Studies
    • Brenda Leicht, Biology
    • Louis Messerle, Chemistry
    • Landon Storrs, History


    • Chris Cheatum, Chemistry
    • Andrew Forbes, Biology
    • Naomi Greyser, Rhetoric; English
    • Rosemary Moore, History; Classics
    • Aaron Stump, Computer Science
    • Teresa Treat, Psychological and Brain Sciences


    • Amber Brian, Spanish and Portuguese
    • Will Jennings, Rhetoric
    • Paul Kalina, Theatre Arts
    • Randall McEntaffer, Physics and Astronomy
    • Kristine Muñoz, Communications Studies
    • David Peate, Earth & Environmental Sciences


    • Cinda Coggins Mosher, Rhetoric
    • Danny Foster, Health and Human Physiology
    • Meara Habashi, Psychology
    • Mary Noonan, Sociology
    • Rene Rocha, Political Science
    • Kasturi Varadarajan, Computer Science
    • Emily Wentzell, Anthropology


    • Frank Durham, Journalism and Mass Communication
    • Oguz Durumeric, Mathematics
    • Richard Mark Heidel, Music
    • Russell Larsen, Chemistry
    • Jerald Moon, Communication Sciences and Disorders
    • Ingrid Ukstins Peate, Earth & Environmental Sciences


    • Kate Cowles, Statistics and Actuarial Science
    • Maria Duarte, Spanish and Portuguese
    • Jane Gilotti, Earth & Environmental Sciences
    • Matthew Hill, Anthropology
    • Tom Lewis, Spanish and Portuguese
    • Colleen Mitchell, Mathematics


    • Mary Campbell, Sociology
    • Steve Duck, Communication Studies
    • Claire Fox, English
    • Geoffrey Hope, French and Italian
    • Sarah Larsen, Chemistry
    • Luis Martin-Estudillo, Spanish and Portuguese
    • Diane Slusarski, Biology


    • Margaret Beck, Anthropology
    • Frauke Bleher, Mathematics
    • Michael Dailey, Biology
    • Priya Kumar, English
    • Mary Trachsel, Rhetoric


    • Nanette Barkey, Anthropology
    • Dare Clubb, Theatre Arts
    • Joseph Frankel, Biology
    • Paul Kleiber, Physics and Astronomy
    • John Durham Peters, Communication Studies
    • Takis Poulakos, Rhetoric
    • Erica Prussing, Anthropology
    • John Raeburn, American Studies; English


    • Linda Bolton, English
    • Chunghi Choo, Art and Art History
    • Cornelia Lang, Physics and Astronomy
    • Peggy Mills, Russian
    • Barbara Mooney, Art and Art History
    • Norb Pienta, Chemistry
    • David Redlawsk, Political Science


    • Craig Gibson, Classics
    • Craig Kletzing, Physics and Astronomy
    • Judith Liskin-Gasparro, Spanish and Portuguese
    • Michael Lovaglia, Sociology
    • Daniel Quinn, Chemistry
    • Bryon Winn, Theatre Arts


    • Christopher Brochu, Earth and Environmental Sciences
    • James Enloe, Anthropology
    • Douglas Madsen, Political Science
    • Laura Rigal, English; American Studies
    • Shaun Vecera, Psychology
    • Thomas Williams, Philosophy


    • Mary Adamek, Music
    • Robert Bork, Art and Art History
    • Eric Gidal, English
    • Randy Hirokawa, Communication Studies
    • Susan Murty, Social Work
    • Peverill Squire, Political Science


    • Ed Folsom, English
    • Joseph Lang, Statistics and Actuarial Science
    • Susan Lawrence, History
    • Carol Severino, Rhetoric
    • Timothy Stalter, Music


    • Rudi Colloredo-Mansfeld, Anthropology
    • Jill Beckman, Linguistics
    • Cary Covington, Political Science
    • Mary Lou Emery, English
    • Rosemarie Scullion, French and Italian; Gender, Women's, and Sexuality Studies


    • Michael Buchler, Music
    • John Cameron, Theatre Arts
    • Diane Jeske, Philosophy
    • Catherine Ringen, Linguistics


    • Christopher Roy, Art and Art History
    • Lisa Troyer, Sociology


    • Jan A.W. Gratama, Art and Art History
    • Kim Marra, Theatre Arts
    • Scott Robinson, Psychology
    • Claire Sponsler, English


    • John Harvey, Psychology
    • Mac Marshall, Anthropology
    • T.M. Scruggs, Music
    • Glenn Storey, Classics, Anthropology


    • Fred Antczak, Rhetoric
    • Karen Heimer, Sociology
    • Irwin Levin, Psychology
    • Robert Mutel, Physics and Astronomy


    • Richard Fumerton, Philosophy
    • Charles Shipan, Political Science


    • Kendall Atkinson, Mathematics
    • Laura Graham, Anthropology


    • Teresa Mangum, English
    • David Wiemer, Chemistry


    • Kay Amert, Journalism and Mass Communication
    • Diana Horton, Biology
    • Mercedes Niño-Murcia, Spanish and Portuguese


    • David Manderscheid, Mathematics
    • James Alan McPherson, Writer’s Workshop
    • Margaret Mills, Russian


    • Jay Holstein, Religion
    • Maurita Murphy Mead, Music


    • William Davies, Linguistics
    • Huston Diehl, English