CLAS Standing (Appointed) Committees —International Studies Advisory Board Committee

The International Studies Advisory Board Committee oversees the College's BA Program in International Studies. 

The Advisory Board Committee is chaired by Helena Dettmer, the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs and Curriculum.

Current members are: 

CLAS Standing (Appointed) Committees —International Studies Advisory Board Committee
Name Department Term
Margaret Carrel Geographical & Sustainability Sciences 2016–2019
Anny Curtius French & Italian 2016-2019
Denise Filios Spanish & Portuguese 2016–2019
James Giblin  History 2014–2017
Gregory Hamot            College of Education 2014–2017
Sujatha Sosale Journalism & Mass Comm. 2014–2017
Ana Rodriguez Rodriguez Spanish & Portuguese 2014-2017
Christopher Squier College of Dentistry 2014-2017
Emily Wentzell Anthropology 2013-2016
Armando Duarte Dance 2014-2017
Mariola Espinosa History 2015-2017
Erin Johnson Management & Organizations 2014-2017
Joy Hayes Communication Studies 2014-2017
Amy Weismann Center for Human Rights 2014-2017
Amber Brian Spanish & Portuguese 2016-2019
Marie Kruger English 2014-2017
Irina Kostina ASLL 2015-2019
Meena Khandewal Anthropology 2016-2019
Phil Lutgendorf ASLL 2016-2018
Yasmine Ramadan French & Italian 2016-2019

Karmen Berger (CLAS Senior Academic Advisor) staffs the Advisory Committee.