CLAS Holders of Named Chairs and Professorships

CLAS Holders of Named Chairs and Professorships
Department Faculty Title Year Apptd.
American Studies Lauren Rabinovitz Collegiate Fellow 2007
Art & Art History Dorothy Johnson Roy J. Carver Professor of Art History 2006
  Christopher Roy Elizabeth M. Stanley Faculty Fellow of African Art History 2004
  John Beldon Scott Elizabeth M. Stanley Professor of the Arts 2004
Biology David R. Soll Emil Witschi - Roy J. Carver Professor 1989
  Bernd Fritzsch Collegiate Fellow 2017
Chemistry Mark Arnold Edwin B. Green Chair in Laser-Chemistry 2005
  James Gloer Ralph L. Shriner - Roy J. Carver Professor 2007
  Gary Small Collegiate Fellow 2009
  David Wiemer F. Wendell Miller Professor 2011
Cinematic Arts Steven Ungar Collegiate Fellow 2005
Classics Helena Dettmer Collegiate Fellow 2011
  John Finamore Erling B. "Jack" Holtsmark Professorship in the Classics 2014
College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Chaden Djalali UI Alumni Association Dean's Chair 2012
Communication Sciences & Disorders Ruth Bentler Collegiate Fellow 2012
Communication Studies Steven W. Duck Daniel & Amy Starch Research Chair 1986
Computer Science Joseph Kearney Collegiate Fellow 2009
  Alberto Segre Gerard P. Weeg Faculty Scholar in Informatics 2008
Creative Writing Ethan Canin F. Wendell Miller Professor 2008
  Lan Samantha Chang Harriet Wenger Crafton Research Scholar 2017
English Florence Boos Collegiate Fellow 2012
  John D'Agata M. F. Carpenter Professor 2017
  Ed Folsom Roy J. Carver Professor 2002
  Horace Porter F. Wendell Miller Professor of English and American Studies 2006
  Phillip Round John C. Gerber Professor 2016
  Garrett Stewart James O. Freedman Chair in Letters 1993
Geographical and Sustainability Sciences Marc Armstrong Collegiate Fellow 2005
Health & Human Physiology Kevin Kregel Collegiate Fellow 2014
History Colin Gordon F. Wendell Miller Professor 2016
  Jeffrey Cox Collegiate Fellow 2008
  Katherine Tachau Collegiate Fellow 2005
Linguistics William Davies Collegiate Fellow 2007
Mathematics Raúl Curto Collegiate Fellow 2002
  Weimin Han Collegiate Fellow 2010
  Paul Muhly Collegiate Fellow 2005
Music Kate Gfeller Russell B. Day and Florence D. Day Chair 2011
  David Gier Erich Funke Professor in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences 2014
  David Gompper F. Wendell Miller Professor 2016
  William LaRue Jones Collegiate Fellow 2011
  Kristin Thelander Collegiate Fellow 2008
Philosophy Richard Fumerton F. Wendell Miller Professor 2003
  David Stern Collegiate Fellow 2013
Physics & Astronomy Thomas Boggess Collegiate Fellow 2010
  Michael Flatte F. Wendell Miller Professor 2009
  Donald A. Gurnett James A. Van Allen - Roy J. Carver Professor 1989
  Paul Kleiber Harriet B. and Harold S. Brady Chair in Laser Physics 1991
  Craig Kletzing F. Wendell Miller Professor 2011
  Usha Mallik Collegiate Fellow 2007
Political Science Wenfang Tang C. Maxwell & Elizabeth M. Stanley Family and Hua Hsia Chair in Chinese Culture & Institutions 2009
  Sara Mitchell F. Wendell Miller Professor 2017
Psychological & Brain Sciences Mark Blumberg F. Wendell Miller Professor 2009
  Alan Christensen Collegiate Fellow 2009
  John Freeman Stuit Faculty Fellow of Psychology 2010
  Grazyna Kochanska Dewey B. and Velma P. Stuit Professor of Developmental Psychology 1997
  Susan Lutgendorf Starch Faculty Fellow  2010
  Michael O'Hara Starch Faculty Fellow 2006
  Jodie Plumert Starch Faculty Fellow 2015
  Shaun Vecera Herman J. and Eileen S. Schmidt Chair 2016
  Ed Wasserman Dewey B. and Velma P. Stuit Professor of Experimental Psychology 1997
Religious Studies Jay Holstein J. J. Mallon Teaching Chair in Judaic Studies 2007
  Raymond Mentzer Daniel J. Krumm Family Chair in Reformation Studies 2001
  Kristy Nabhan-Warren V.O. and Elizabeth Kahl Figge Fellow in Catholic Studies 2012
Statistics & Actuarial Science Elias S.W. Shiu Principal Financial Group Professor of Actuarial Science 1992
  Kung-Sik Chan Robert V. Hogg Professor 2017
  Qihe Tang F. Wendell Miller Professor 2014
  Luke Tierney Ralph E. Wareham Professor of Mathematical Sciences 2002
Theatre Arts Alan MacVey Collegiate Fellow 2008