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CV guidelines starting summer 2021

As you know, the APR will no longer be used starting in summer 2021. Faculty are required to use the CLAS Standard CV template or an approved alternative (see below) after that date. The template can be found here. This is also the template that the APR produces so faculty can continue to update their CV by simply updating the word file that is now being generated by the APR. 

If one of the four areas (Arts, Humanities, Natural and Mathematical Sciences, and Social Sciences) does not feel that this template is appropriate for their needs, they may propose an alternative template for approval. Please submit such alternative templates to your area AD by December 1, 2020. Only the CLAS Standard CV or an approved alternative will be accepted for all promotions, annual reviews, merit raises, and other evaluations of faculty beginning in the Fall of 2021.

If you are new to CLAS and have not used APR, please modify your CV word document to match the CLAS Standard CV template. The APR program is being discontinued at UIOWA on 6/30/2021. If you currently have an APR account and have been maintaining it, please continue to do so or pull the CLAS Standard CV report and begin maintaining it in that document. This is especially important if you are coming up for review or promotion. When APR is discontinued no data will be lost from the program as it is archived at UIOWA daily. If you do not have an APR account use this CLAS Standard CV template.


It is in your best interest to keep your CV information up to date and as accurate as possible.  APR reports or the CLAS Standard CV template are used for departmental reviews, annual merit raises, promotion and tenure. 

 “CLAS Standard CV” is currently the only faculty CV accepted by CLAS.  This includes P&T reviews, probationary reviews, contract-renewal reviews, annual reviews, 5-year peer reviews, and any other faculty reviews.  If you are a faculty member CLAS Standard CV is the report you should be using for your CV.

You can turn on annotations for P&T purposes or leave them off to print your personal CV.  This feature can be accessed by clicking on the report tab at the top of the screen, choosing your date range, citation style, annotations and file format prior to running.

CLAS Standard CV report

The report “CLAS Department Review CV" will provide you with an editable word document containing all of the required fields for the Department Review faculty report.  You will need to edit it down to fit the two page requirement.  This is used when the Department as a whole is being reviewed.

A customizable CV is now available for your use.  When you click on create a new report, you have the option of starting with a blank document, your current Vita or exporting information into a spreadsheet if you want to review only certain fields.  While only the official CLAS Standard CV will be accepted for College requirements, this feature allows departments with specific needs to develop a template that can be shared with their faculty.  It will also allow faculty to develop and save custom CV reports for juried shows, grants and other specific uses. 

Please take care to update and review your information carefully as you are ultimately responsible for all information you have reported through APR. 

Enrollment data in APR

Enrollment counts are collected from census date for regular semester long courses.  Off-cycle course enrollment counts are collected on the last day of class.

Instructors who teach lecture with lab/discussion, the student was counted in the lecture but not the lab/discussion.  Otherwise, the student would be counted twice.

Instructors who ONLY teach the lab/discussion, the student is counted on the lab/discussion.

ACE scores

At this time the College does not want ACE scores entered into APR. 

Suggestions for defining “Scope”

  • International = organization’s location outside the US, International in the name of organization/sponsor, or if organization has international members.
  • National = organizations inside the US, national listed in the name of the organization
  • Regional = organizations located within a specific region
  • State = organizations located within a specific state
  • Local = organizations within a 25-mile radius of Iowa City
  • University = University-wide
  • College = pertains to College of Liberal Arts and Sciences


APR Tips

  1. Faculty should use the CLAS Standard CV.  This is best run from the reports tab which allows you to select whether you want annotations to be shown.  Be sure to select the desired date range, otherwise it will default to the current year from January to December.
  2. Whenever a publication is being entered into APR as “In Preparation: Not Yet Submitted”, use the current date at the time of adding the entry to APR (not when you think the publication will be finished).  This will allow the entry to show up in your CLAS Standard CV during the review period.   For example, if it is entered as 2020 and the report range is through 2019, the entry will not show. 
  3. The CLAS Department Review CV is used by the department when it is being reviewed by CLAS and external reviewers.
  4. Remember to keep your APR data current.  By keeping it up to date, you will provide the most accurate information for your administrators to make informed decisions.  Keeping it current will also make it easier for you to affirm your data when it comes time for Annual Merit Raise Reviews.  
  5. Periodically run your CLAS Standard CV to see how your printed data looks.  This will give you the opportunity to fine tune the appearance and make sure everything is accurate.  If there are problems or questions you will be able to bring them to the APR CV workshops or seek assistance before deadlines arise.