APR (Academic & Professional Record)

How do I electronically sign my APR?

How do I get started?

How do I make my CLAS Administrative CV look better?

Who can I contact with my questions?

How do I enter special characters in APR?

Current Issues

The report for the Promotion & Tenure process is available in APR.  It is called the "CLAS P&T CV."  The difference between the CLAS P&T CV and the CLAS Administrative CV, will be that all annotation fields entered into APR display at the end of the CV.

ACE Scores

At this time the College does not want ACE scores entered into APR. 

Annual Merit Raise

APR updates are due by February 28, 2018 to remain eligible for the annual merit raise.

Enrollment Data in APR

Enrollments collected are from census data information for regular semester long courses. Off-cycle course enrollments are collected on the last day of class.

Instructors who teach lecture with lab/discussion, the student was counted in the lecture but not the lab/discussion.  Otherwise, the student would be counted twice.

Instructors who ONLY teach the lab/discussion, the student is counted on the lab/discussion.

Suggestions for defining “Scope”

  • International = organization’s location outside the US, International in the name of organization/sponsor, or if organization has international members.
  • National = organizations inside the US, national listed in the name of the organization
  • Regional = organizations located within a specific region
  • State = organizations located within a specific state
  • Local = organizations within a 25-mile radius of Iowa City
  • University = University-wide
  • College = pertains to College of Liberal Arts and Sciences