Adding, Revising, and Dropping Courses



Approval forms for all course additions, drops, or revisions must be submitted through the course approval workflow system on MAUI.

Forms move from the departmental initiator to the DEO, who must approve the request. After the DEO approves a form, the system sends it to the College for approval. Courses numbered through 4999 and below are approved by the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs and Curriculum. Courses above 4999 are approved by the Associate Dean for Graduate Education.

Courses numbered through 2999 are next sent directly  to the Registrar for input into the MAUI Course Library. Before courses may be offered on the MyUI Schedule of Courses, course must exist in the course library.

Courses above 3000 are next sent to the Graduate College for approval which in turn forwards the request to the Registrar for input into the system.

Once this approval process is completed, the Registrar sends an email to the initiator noting the completion of the request and the course may be scheduled through the offerings planner in MAUI by the department or program.

The completed process often takes more than a week. Requests should be sent as soon as they become known and well before the deadline listed on the MAUI Offerings Planner.

Any questions about the course approval process may be addressed to Kathryn Hall.


The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences does make some exceptions to the Registrar's deadlines in order to correct errors in course information.

However, exceptions are not made in the areas below since course room scheduling is affected by these changes, including rooms already assigned and class times:

  • Semester hours
  • Cross listings
  • Administrative home
  • Course numbers

Once MyUI is published, the College almost never allows corrections to any details of a course such a grading mode, semester hours, or titles and then only in extraordinary circumstances. Deadlines and the publication date of MyUI can be found at the Offerings Planner page.

Adding a Course

  • Requests to create a new course may be made at any time but may take two weeks or more to process. Course approval forms should be submitted via MAUI as soon as feasible. Once a course is approved and entered, it is up the department to add it to the offerings planner.
  • When creating a new course, four-digit numbers of previous, discontinued courses may not be reused. Choose numbers carefully.
  • All titles of new courses are reviewed by the Regents and are part of the historical record of the offerings of the University of Iowa. Titles should be chosen thoughtfully and are reviewed by the College carefully.
  • CLAS requires that all new courses include a short course description suitable for the General Catalog.  A certain style is followed for Catalog descriptions; please view the Catalog description guidelines.
  • All new courses must include a rationale, explaining why the course is being added. This is a requirement.  View Guidelines for New Course Rationales.
  • Particular resources needed to support the new course should be noted in the appropriate box. If new resources are not anticipated, "none" may be stated in the resource box.
  • Topic courses may be used for special opportunities (e.g., visiting faculty) and to avert the need to have new courses approved frequently or at the last minute. Topics course should be designated as repeatable for credit.

Revising a Course

  • Revising courses follows the same workflow path as adding a course.
  • Be sure to choose the revision form rather than the add form.
  • Changes to cross-referenced courses must be made by the administrative home of the course, which must discuss the cross-referencing with the appropriate department. Other involved departments do not need to submit an additional form.

Dropping a Course

Courses may be dropped at any time as long they are not listed on MyUI:

  1. Courses may be discontinued through the course approval workflow process.
  2. Each fall, the Registrar also prepares a list of courses for each unit that have not been taught in the last four years. The College asks departments either to discontinue these courses or to justify their continuance through a workflow process.

Cross-Referencing a Course

  • Departments may cross-reference (also known as cross-listing) a course. The administrative home of the course is responsible for requesting the cross-referencing. The administrative home of the course should speak with the concerned departments before submitting a request to cross-list a course.
  • Courses are never cross-listed with another actual pre-existing course. Instead, cross-listing is only a way to have a course appear on MyUI in more than one list. A "shadow" course with no existence outside of cross-listing is created for this purpose. All cross-listed courses thus are identical in every way. However, sometimes identical course numbers are impossible to use since one department has already used the number and numbers are never reused. In these cases, the numbers should be as close as possible and at least must be at the same level (such at the 1000 level or 2000 level etc).